Friday, October 5, 2012

Farm Kings Episode 2

Ok so I actually got to watch the entire second episode today and some of the things that I kind of thought last night are still sticking with me.

-Joe has some issues.  Good and bad. 
*Biggest one so far on the show is that he needs some extra help.  I hope that subsequent episodes show that he's hired the help they need.  Only catching a few hours of sleep here and there is going to catch up with him in a big way.  It also means he's not getting any real time with his family and his kids need him. 
*Joe is kind of gruff and comes off as knowing it all.  There were times I found myself thinking "man this guy is a jerk".  I'm sure it's because he's overworked and tired but if I thought it I'm sure others have as well.
*Joe needs to have better communication with Pete & Tim.  The whole lettuce thing.  The teasers for next weeks episodes on getting the pigs.  Seems like Joe makes a decision and that's it.  That is potential for a BIG disaster.
*The discussion about closing the store at 4 when Lisa points out that people are coming home from work at 5pm and Joe's reaction of "We're not here for convience.  We're not Walmart" is so the wrong attitude to have.  Hopefully you don't lose customers if they are watching the show.  People do want to be able to grab something on the way home to help prepare dinner.  You don't have to stay open late but 6 is a good idea.

So my recommendation for Joe is to get some rest, hire some people and set up a way that you, Tim and Pete can communicate every day.

Lisa.  She really truly inspires me and scares the hell out of me at the same time.  I also feel bad for anyone that her boys bring home as a spouse.  No one is going to live up to mom.  That said the woman is a force of nature and I want just a bit of her energy and wisdom.  I love that she is sticks to her guns when she is positive she's right.  The whole thing about the  closing time for the store.  The scene with her and Elizabeth was a bit harsh and I loved it when Elizabeth held her ground well over the salsa thing.  It's a bit more about mom's way is always best.  When Lisa was asking John were he was last night I was thinking that this is a lady that really knows her kids and trusts them.  Maybe its a big difference between raising mostly boys and girls.  All hell would have broken out 30 different ways if I didn't come home and my parents weren't 100% sure of where I was and who I was with.  All in all I just love watching Lisa in action and think she is one tough cookie....I think I'll add her into the list of who I'd like to be like when I grow up. 

There was a lot more in the second episode but those were the things that kind of stuck with me.  Of course in my opinion there wasn't enough Tim screen time but I'll probably think that every week!  Pete starting drawing some of his lines in the sand so I think it will be fun to watch that as the show continues. 

The Farm Kings have redone there online store (guess what PB is getting for Christmas? lol)  Check out the webstore HERE for awesome t-shirts!  I love the Farm to Fork and the Born to Farm t's.  Pretty sure PB is getting the Born to Farm.  If you haven't started following the Farm Kings on Facebook and Twitter what are you waiting for?????   OK, so I'm out for now.  Have a good weekend! 

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