Friday, October 5, 2012

Bet y'all thought this was going to be about the Farm Kings since they were on tonight, huh? Probably tomorrow. The show falls when I'm getting Princess Bear (PB) ready for bed and it's just chaotic. I know I miss some stuff so I'm glad I DVR'd it. Check tomorrow for Farm Kings musings.

Tonight might just be one of those random things. Me going off a bit. My home page is aol news. I catch up on what is going on so it's usually a good thing but not always. Tonight there was a story about a feud between new American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I've never been an Idol fan so I can't say I care much other than get over it ladies!

Then there was the blurb about Jason Aldean cheating on his wife. Seriously, dude? You had played it right. Stuck with the high school sweetheart who stuck by you. You have a couple of kids together- just exactly what were you thinking? I guess I'm at a stage in my life in which I have no tolerance for cheating. Get the fuck out if you can't control yourself. OK enough on that.

What about the 14 year old that gave birth at home and then strangled the child while it was still attached to her via cord? I can understand that she was probably frightened as all get out. My mom made it known from a very young age to my sister & me that if we were ever to get pregnant before we were 18 that she would be taking us for an abortion and she'd deal with my father afterwards. Alrighty then. Not quite sure that's how I want to deal with things with PB. It did leave a lasting impression in mind but still didn't really deter anything if you will. Thankfully it never became an issue. My sister and her husband were both waiting for marriage and somehow I was never pregnant until my pregnancy with PB (I was 28 then). So based on how my mom reacted and how other friends mom's reacted I can see how this 14 year old was terrified. I have a friend who did get pregnant in high school and her mom forced her to have an abortion. It is something that is still a very hard thing for her to deal with. I have another friend who became pregnant in high school and hid the pregnancy for a long time. Her parents sent her to a home for unwed Catholic girls when they found out. She had the baby and gave it up for adoption. We're facebook friends now and I've often wondered if Raven (the name she gave the baby) has contacted her. If the experience has played into the fact that she doesn't have any kids now. It's a messed up situation no matter how you look or deal with it. I'm not sure how I would deal with it if PB came to me at 14 and told me she was pregnant. All that said how in the bloody hell did this child kill her child? I think that has to go beyond any amount of fear possible. I hope for her sake that someone is getting this child some really good therapy.

Oh! One last thing I caught on aol news this week. An article that addresses the question of the realities of having sex 300 times in a year. Please feel free to check it out HERE. I have to admit that my immediate reaction was "Um no! Why is this even a question?" Now maybe I'm off base about it but I really hope not. Frankly in my very honest opinion at this point in my life one of the only legitimate reasons to be in a relationship is to be with someone that you like and want to have sex with on a very regular basis. We’re not even talking once a day here. For the most part I’m thinking if I’m with someone I care about and am attracted to that once a day really isn’t that much. Now I’m not talking about each and every time being the swinging from the chandeliers, tearing the sheets off the bed and waking everyone in a 2 mile radius kind of sex. There is something to be said for the occasional quickie. There is something to be said for the wake up in the middle of the night sex that you need to think about the next morning to make sure it really happened. I understand that in all relationships the sexual component goes through variations. And while this might be too much information I also understand that per more than one ex I have an “unusual” sex drive (we’ll leave it at that). I understand that when you are with someone and you’re at that third date or whenever you decide it’s the right time to sleep with them that things are initially very hot and usually more frequent than they are later. What I’m not really liking is the fact that per the survey a fair amount of people were thoroughly convinced that 300 times annual was just not going to happen. Now some of them were older but not all. And I’m really hoping that as I age I still have an interest in sex because it would just royally suck not to. I’d ask for opinions on the matter but I really don’t think anyone would so I won’t. And on that note I’m going to sign off for now. Have a good one!

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