Monday, October 1, 2012

A few answers

OK, I've received a few questions and thought this would be an easier way to address the topics.

1) Why do you always refer to your daughter as Princess Bear (PB)?
My daughters name is rather unique.  A direct effort resulting from me having a rather common name.  Her name is actually on the slide show in today's earlier post. I just don't want anyone that googles her name to hit upon this blog. Her bio father bailed within weeks of my telling him about my pregnancy and has never shown any interest.  At 9 years of age she has never shown any interest in him either. Since that seems to work I really don't want him to be able to read the blog and be able to peek into our lives. 

2) Why do you blog?
It's a great outlet and gives me something to focus on. I never really expected to have any sort of real following but it is nice to receive comments or questions.  I have noticed when I drop my blogging for awhile that I have lost a great coping mechanism.  So that's why I blog.

3) How do I get in touch with you?
There is a cute little bear graphic and when you click on that it will set up an email form. Easy peasy.  My email is btw.  Or you can leave a comment.  Most of the times I do publish comments (most).

4) Where do you live?
It's mentioned in my description that I live in Central IL.  Peoria to be exact.  Home of Catepillar.  Actually we're quite the Catepillar family.  My nephews can tell you the proper name of any Cat machine as soon as they lay eyes on it.  My sister and bil met while working there and my dad works there as well.  Just wondering why this is even a question. 

OK, so there are a few questions answered. Feel free to drop a line or comment if you have more.


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