Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have to say that fall is my absolute favorite season.  There is something really great about watching the leaves change, the temperatures drop and the planning that comes naturally with fall and winter.  I love falling asleep with the window open enough that I have to really snuggle down in the blankets.  Fat cat since she is no longer fat isn't too happy with this but she makes a great foot warmer!  Last weekend driving to Kristy's Princess Bear (PB) and I had a great time looking at all the trees changing colors.  Since it was pretty rural there were a lot of farmers in the fields finishing up work for the year.  She loved seeing all the tractors.  I love the smells that are associated with fall.  The burning leaves, spices like clove and cinnamon.  PB and I are both totally addicted to Starbucks Carmel Apple Spice drinks.  Those are expensive little buggers!  I've started making them at home especially since I have to pay for 2 now!  Nothing better than curling up with a warm drink and a good book.  This time of year Sundays are my favorite day for just that reason.  We usually go to 9 am mass and then PB has Sunday school right afterwards.  Then we're home just in time to watch the Fox pregame show and then football.  At some point a nap is usually in order and then time to just veg and read.  What a perfect day!  It was like that this past weekend and it was such a joy.  My parents went on an overnighter to Starved Rock for a high school reunion of sorts with my mom's high school buddies.  PB and I had a very low key no one telling us what to do kind of day.  The Bears won so really it was a killer day!  Yesterday was a bit tougher because although PB was looking very forward to her day off of school she really doesn't do well with changes in schedule.  Everything from after breakfast on was a fight.  How long she could stay out was a fight.  What she could have for a snack was a fight.  What she could wear was a fight.  And it just went on from there.  It's days like that I really do hate being a single parent.  I want to let someone else share in the joy of a completely obnoxious child!  Just about the time I was ready to send the child to the moon my parents arrived and PB went into full on crazy hyper kid mode.  Love those too.  She did settle down quickly which was nice so we spent the evening watching TV in the living room with my parents.  It really is seeming like my dad broke a rib.  The pain is getting worse but the Dr says there is really very little they can do.  I think that means I'm going to have to recruit my brother in law and sister to help with somethings around the house to get ready for winter.  I can take care of most of the breaking down the yard and garden.  My dad and I were supposed to take all of the bricks out of the patio this week since the contractor is starting the deck next Monday.  I'm thinking there is no way my dad can do that.  He also can't help put way things like the porch swing.  We use huge zip ties and attach it to the rafters in our garage.  I can move it, take it apart and get the rest in the attic but there is no way I can hang the seat from the rafters by myself.  Hopefully Kate & Larry can help.  I'll also need help putting in the storm windows.  I really hope they can clear the calendar for a weekend and we can "get 'er done!".  My parents can watch PB and the boys and we can slam through winter preps.  On the fun side of all of this I'll get to use the electric trimmers to cut down the various prairie grasses we have.  Talk about stress relief and fun!  OK, so I'm a geek but it really is fun to just whack that stuff to the ground!!!  I also think I'll have my brother in law put up the Halloween outdoor lights tomorrow night when they come over for my dad's birthday.  The advantage of a 6'8" bil is that he doesn't need a ladder for such tasks.  I'm scared to death of ladders.  I need to get into the attic and get down all the Halloween decs today so PB & I can get most of it done today.  Luke was so funny with the sound activated lights last year that I can't wait to see his reaction this year.  Alright I'm off to conquer the attic and then pick up the house before the whole day as disappeared and its time to pick up PB for therapy.  Catch ya later. 

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