Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life in general

Today's post is going to be random musings.  If you're here looking for enlightenment (or Farm Kings) today isn't your day.  Check back tomorrow!  Last night was the second presidential debate.  Sons of Anarchy won out pretty quickly.  As I've mentioned before I don't think either candidate is what this country needs.  This has led me to have some pretty interesting prepping conversations lately.  Today my friend Darnell and I were talking about prepping in general and it went into 2 different areas.  Basic food storage and then the materials you don't necessarily think you'll need.  She was explaining that in her family everyone has a major toilet paper hoarding gene.  Something carried over from her grandfather living through the depression.  I'm thinking that TP could definitely be a useful item in terms of SHTF.  I don't know if I want rooms of it (she doesn't have nearly that amount no fear!) but a backup can't be a bad thing.  The three things I worry about the most as far as prepping are 1) food 2) safe water and 3)meds.  I'm one of those people that thinks prepping is a good idea in that it really can't hurt anything.  I'm not saying to spend your retirement on freeze dried or MRE's.  I'm saying that considering the fact that the food supply in this country can be put to a standstill quickly (one more reason to love your local farmers) that it's a good idea to at least know what you'd do if SHTF.  I'm talking about having a few bags of rice, flour and the basics on hand.  This led to the discussion of LDS food prepping and their food centers.  I honestly don't know how to explain to my parents the ramifications of not having any backup (the 3 shelves that are 2' x 1'  and filled with soup really aren't going to do a lot).  I would rather prepare and have no need for it than have a huge need and nothing ready.  Ok, enough on prepping.

A few interesting conversations lately.  Last week after Princess Bear's (PB) piano lesson her teacher and I were talking.  I think the piano teacher, Nancy, as been a family friend for around 30 years or so.  I used to take her youngest out all the time so she could work on homeschooling with the older 2.  Nancy is engaged to a farmer and we were discussing farm houses and my desire to get out to the country.  She mentioned something that my mom always told my sister & me growing up.  Basically if you only date rich boys you'll marry a rich man.  Not quite sure that that is the advice I needed at 15 but ok I get the idea.  So Nancy was telling me I need to start dating farmers.  Easier said than done.  She put on her thinking cap and hopefully an idea comes up.  I did tell her about the Farmers Only dating site and one more psycho guy in my background.  Then we went from talking about dating farmers to living in farm houses.  I kindly offered to live in one of the 2 farm houses that she and her fiance are taking care of.  At this point I don't think that the living situation could be  much worse and the school situation would have to be better.  PB was hit at school again this week.  I'm a bit less than happy. 

The last discussion that I had worth mentioning (at least in my mind) is one I had with PB yesterday.  The Heifer's International catalog came yesterday.  I was telling her that we needed to start talking about what we were going to buy for Jesus' birthday gift.  That went into the whole doing something for someone else at Christmas is a very nice way to keep the meaning of the season alive.  She liked looking at all the animals.  There is an option for funding some bee hives.  PB is very afraid of bees.  I have no idea why but she has a major hate on for them.  She immediately said that we could do anything for the gift except the bees.  I asked her why and the prompt response was "God would not like that.  He doesn't want to get stung.".  I thought this was incredibly cute but it also shows that we need to work a bit more on the concept of God and Jesus.  She's also getting back into her obsession with Jesus being put to death.  3 different times this week she's pulled out her Sunday school book and goes to the stations of the cross section.  It leads to different questions every time.  I really didn't know that it was possible to have so many questions about it. 

So as I said just random musings.  See you tomorrow!

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