Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farm Kings Episode 3

Ok I'm late.  Sorry.  I was oh so organized this time & jotted things down as I watched the show.  Man if there is a career in this somehow I need to get it lined up!  Anyway the primary focus of this episode is Joe and Pete going to Polyface Farm and visiting with Joel Salatin.  If you don't know who he is shame on you!  A bit harsh?  Alright.  Sorry.  He is an incredibly fascinating man who is basically a living encyclopedia about sustainable farming.  Using the land, animals and crops to complement each other.  Working with Mother Nature instead of hitting her over the head and poisoning her.  OK so I'll get off the soapbox here.  The guys went to go visit Salatin and learned a lot.  The down side of it is that Dan really wanted to go because Salatin is his hero and he's starting the pig operation.  Apparently there wasn't anyone else who could do the donut run so Dan had to stay behind and take care of that.  Seriously?  You couldn't find anyone else?  Dan had never been to the New Kent market so he was worried about being on time.  Um, Dan....why hadn't you been there yet?  Get with the program buddy.  Ok that is the only derogatory thing I'm going to say about Dan on this episode.  Joe once again kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  As I mentioned I'm pretty sure that they could have found someone to cover the donut run.  Also the way Joe talked to the employee that forked the truck.  Ok, I get being upset and all.  I don't understand talking to someone like that.  I love that Pete jumped right in with take a pic and send it.  Joe just wanted to ream the guy.  Joe also does a WHOLE lot of complaining.  I think that could be my biggest problem with him.  I understand that he has taken on way too much but ultimately it was his decision.  I might go crazy if I hear about him complaining about getting a phone call with a problem.  Um dude....your the boss.  Welcome to your life.  You are the guy that is going to get the phone calls.  You're the guy that has to cover hours if there is a need.  Your the guy that is the be all and end all.  That means putting up with a whole lot of  crap.  So suck it up buddy!  Enough on that for now.  The was a segment on the first chicken slaughter of the year.  I had to tell Princess Bear (PB) to look away when the put the chicken in the kill cone.  I wasn't sure how much they'd show.  Thankfully it was all handled very well.  The guys headed up by Pete looked like they did a great job and things went smoothly.  I loved listening to Luke explain how it is different that dissecting in school.  After that there was a family dinner at Lisa's serving the chicken.  Hey Tim, anytime you're looking for a place to hang out barefooted and cooking give me a call, ok?  :) 

So, my thoughts on the episode as a whole:
-Dan really is getting a bum rap that I'm not completely sure he deserves.  He also came around enough to acknowledge how his staying allowed Joe to have a good time and learn what he needed.
-I think overall Pete has the funniest personality.  I love when he's talking to the chicks as he's feeding them or when he was talking to Hold 'em.  He just makes me smile and I'm sure other respond likewise. 
-Joe see above.  Also you need to make sure that when you are leaving that everyone knows what is going on.  IE the list that Dan needed at Boldy's. 
-Tim you're just hot.  Bottom line end of story. 

Ok, I'm outta here for now.  Catch ya tomorrow!

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