Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WooHoo! It's Tim's post day!

Ok, it might be a good idea if I actually get some real sleep sometime soon but then again while loopy I'm having fun figuring out what I'm going to post on.  So here I sit completely exhausted but in a great mood listening to slacker radio and have decided that today is the day.  The day to detail why it is that I think that Tim King is just the hottest, sexiest man living on this G-d's green earth.  So if this doesn't work for you feel free not to read any further and just check back tomorrow but Tim's post is what's going down today.  Today is going to be a figurative show and tell of why I think Tim King is just too hot and a really great person (as far as anyone can tell from reading and watching someone on TV).  Why anytime I see a pic or he shows up on screen I have 2 almost simultaneous thoughts.  The first being: "OMG is he hot!  I want to ______________ him!"  Followed by "Oh and I really want to ______________ him!"  Bet you thought I was actually going to put it all out there.  Now what kind of fun is that?  That and the small fact that my mom told me to always be very careful about what I put in writing (some of her better advice).  SO, if by any off chance that Tim is reading this I'm sure that you're 30 shades of red right now.  Sorry about that (could someone take a pic of that and email it??)  If you really want to know go listen to some really old school Nelly songs and there is one song that is almost exactly what I'm thinking.  So, I've been having way too much fun playing on Smilebox not to do an all Tim slide show so without further ado:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Now since for some people the pics aren't enough to show why I think Tim is just HOT! I'll also explain why from what I've seen on Farm Kings and read as well that at least in my oh so very humble opinion makes Tim just 9.5 (because really even he has his faults I'm sure. Right?) The first thing that really made it so it he stood out from his brothers is the fact that he's described as the farmer.  Anyone who knows me and what I like knows that growing things in my garden is a huge part of what is important to me.  The fact that I would give my eyeteeth to have a couple of acres somewhere that PB and I could really grow most of what we need.  So here is this guy that is basically in charge of all of the planting that goes on at Freedom Farms.  There is nothing cooler than watching seeds you've planted germinate and thrive. He does this on a very large scale and is taking a lot of responsibility for his families welfare on his shoulders. SO there is the fact that he gets to do something I love on a very large scale.  There is also the fact that he is very responsible and goal oriented.  Something that most of the men I have or do know are not.  He has such a huge sense of family.  Not only is he ensuring that Freedom Farms has the seedlings and plants they need to have the best year possible he is all about showing and explaining to his younger brothers the why and how of things.  When he asked Ben to grab a couple of flats of plants they were getting ready to transplant he asked Ben if he noticed that they were smaller.  If he was just trying to get things done he wouldn't have bothered to mention to Ben what the difference was.  He's giving Ben some knowledge that can help him in the future.  Tim has talked about the fact that he wants to teach his brothers things and if they pursue farming when they grow up he'll be very proud of them.  The sense that he's already proud of them but is also putting the time into helping plan a future for them at least in a way that he's capable of helping them with is awesome.  It goes to the general sense of family that all of the Kings have.  The fact that he wants to show and share his knowledge with his brothers.  You never get the sense they he feels that he has to but that he wants to do it.  I loved it when they were going hunting for the groundhogs and Tim was talking about showing his brothers things and detailing which brother is similar to another brother. Then he talks about Sam being a great shot and that he's right behind him.  He said it laughing and in a way that you felt that he was proud of Sam and  not jealous of the fact that Sam is better than he is.  That's sexy.  He's willing to say I'm good but not the best but by the same token he also has his fair share of confidence in his abilities.  When he shoots into the groundhog hole and Pete asks if he got it and can't believed it worked.  Tim was  absolutely laughing saying he knew it'd work.  So he's very sure where his skills do lie. 

One of the biggest things I thought made Tim just incredible was how he talked about Ben.  Ben is the youngest King that was born with Down syndrome. Now I have to give a huge amount of kudos to all of the Kings in their attitude towards Ben and their willingness to accept Ben as he is and fight for him.  I can't tell you how many families I've seen that try to make a child with different abilities fit into a mold that works for the family instead of the family working with the child. Kids with special needs have enough to do without having to conform to what their families think they should do or be.  The Kings are such an awesome loving example of how to embrace a special needs individual.  So when Tim is talking about the perspective Ben gives him I complete can relate.  The fact that as a sibling he and all of his siblings are so in touch with Ben is just incredible.  I loved it when Elizabeth talked about how they had fought for Ben's educational opportunities.  SO I'm not saying this is just something that Tim has over his siblings it just added to the sex appeal already there.  I also loved it when Tim was arm wrestling with Ben and Ben won.  Of course Tim let him win but Ben doesn't know that and the smile on Ben's face made it all worth it.  I also read that Tim is the one who often shoulders the responsibility of taking Ben to the hospital when he needs to go.  Another thing I can really relate to.  Whereas I'm doing it as a parent he's doing as a sibling.  So yeah its another case of "damn this is one hell of a guy".  I've spent more time in the ER with PB than I ever thought was imaginable and I'm sure Tim feels like that at times yet he does it. I guess I'm also looking at it from the side of the few men I have been involved with since Pb's birth that couldn't cope with the fact that PB always came first and that meant a lot of medical issues that couldn't hang but then you have a sibling shouldering this just amazes me.   Hey Tim- a bit of advice.  Actually 2 pieces of advice.  Have an ER go bag.  Something that can pass time for you & Ben that only comes out when you go to the ER.  Also a smart phone with a Kindle app is awesome for passing the time.  The fact that he is obviously a guys guy and kind of tough in his own accord his hot.  The whole tattoo on the inner arm thing is just hot.  I can't stand when guys won't do an entire band yet this guy has an entire piece on his inner arm.  So the fact that I have always liked guys that have some ink the way he has done his ink is also a point in his favor.  Renee & I were talking about the fact that we both like bigger guys this past weekend.  Now Renee is tall so in her case it makes total sense but I'm all of 5'3" on a good day.  I just love big guys.  One of the biggest reasons is that I have a tendency to run off my mouth.  I want to be with a guy that could back up my shit or get me the hell out of dodge when my mouth has gotten me into trouble....again.  So the fact that Tim is a big guy that willing to deal with pain for something he wants helps fit him into my pic of a perfect guy (also before I get some hate mail yes I know there is no such thing as a perfect guy). 
So yes Tim is oh my G-d physically good looking.  Not what I'm usually typically into but nonetheless he is hot as all get out.  Then you add the above traits and characteristics to it and he's just damn near what I imagine the perfect man to be.  Tada!  Now that you have an explanation for the Tim King infatuation don't you just feel all kinds of better? 


Maggie Steinheiser said...

Hi Sarah my name is Maggie. I just want to let you know I was reading your blog about Timmy and it made me smile.. I also thought you should know his bear claw tattoos are a symbol of strength. All of his tattoos have meaning behind them but because you asked about the bear claws I thought I would fill you in.. I enjoyed your blog :)

Sarah said...

Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for filling me in! When I googled bear claw tattoos that it also says there is a sub group in the gay culture and it can also mean that he was gay. I was really hoping that wasn't the case. Not that if he was it's not ok just because it would kind of kill the fantasy and right now he's definitely the favorite! :) I know that dream catchers are supposed to block the bad dreams from getting through. What is the symbolism of the cattle skull? Thanks so much for leaving a comment & even more for enjoying the blog! Check back periodically since I'm sure I'm not done blogging about those King boys! Especially Tim!

Hope said...

Hi Sarah! I can't believe it's taken me this long to find your blog. I'm enjoying catching up, especially your posts about your favorite hunk & mine-TIM! That's how I found your blog in the 1st place, googling that sexy beast. I'm trying to figure out how to regularly follow you (I'm a bit Internet challenged), but fear not-I'll figure it out. Desperately need to collect every tidbit of info on him, the show...and of course I enjoy your humor very much. Kindred souls I suspect. Keep up the great work & don't forget to pass along the off-season King activities you discover.

Anonymous said...

I agree! He is very, very hot! I would be crushed to find out he's not a skirt chaser! I wish I could meet him in person! But MN seems like moons away!!

Sarah said...

Well it seems like Tim is definitely into women since he's engaged and has a fiancee. Freedom Farms is located in PA so depending where you're at. It sounds like they're doing an annual fall festival so maybe you could plan a road trip. Thanks for checking out the blog!