Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life as we know it

OK I will admit that most of the above things are true and what isn't I'm working on.  That being becoming a gun owner.  I talked with Kristy's husband John this past weekend and he suggested a few guns I should try.  Now since I'm such a space case I need to ask again.  I remember a glock was one but can't remember the other.  Kristy assured me that there are some really excellent gun safes out there that even my Houdini of a daughter couldn't get into.  That was my big reason for not wanting to have one in the house before.  Princess Bear (PB) has always had a way of getting into whatever it is that she isn't supposed to.   The rest of the above are pretty damn accurate.  I wouldn't say that I'm a Bible banging person and am aware that I need to work on my faith only in that I feel it is a shortcoming for me.  Flag waving?  Absolutely.  Troop Supporting?  Beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Standing with Israel?  110% Anti-Abortion is a mixed one for me.  Do I believe in it?  Absolutely not.  Couldn't do it.  Do I believe that people should have the right?  Honestly I really don't know.  Perhaps in cases of rape and incest.  That pretty much is it in my mind.  I know too many people who use it as a convenient form of birth control.  To say that it isn't a person yet is crazy.  Any woman that has looked at a sonogram machine or  listened to a Doppler of their child's heartbeat can't say it isn't a person.  Constitutional? Completely. I think that is one of the biggest problems we have in the country right now.  The Constitution isn't a recommendation.  It is the law of the land.  If you don't like it please feel free to leave. The fact that Obama has absolutely no regard for the Constitution is my biggest problem with him.  Christian Conservative?  I suppose so.  I don't think if you would have asked me a decade ago if I would ever agree to that statement I would have laughed at you.  I remember one time Wayne (the ex-fiancee) and I were discussing politics.  He was a Republican and I was a pretty die hard Democrat.  It was an interesting conversation. I would not identify as a Republican now.  I am a Libertarian. 
What brought about this little rant? I think tonight's Presidential debate.  I am so completely sick and tired of hearing about it.  I'd really rather watch Criminal Minds thank you very much! That said I'm also pretty disgusted with this race as a whole.  Neither candidate is that different from the other when you really think about it.  Frankly the only difference it will be made by whomever is elected is how quickly the shit hits the fan (SHTF) in the country.  Obama is re-elected and SHTF is going to happen before people even realize what has happened.  Romney is elected it might take a few years before people see that the country is still in trouble. 
I really wish politics and politicians could be wiped out. Clean the slate and start over.  No more lobbyist.  No more super pacs.  No more cronyism.  People who understand and respect the Constitution and want to see it work.  I could go off some more but frankly I doubt anyone has made it this far.  Another time I'll discuss why Obamacare isn't the answer.  For now I hear Barnes and Nobel calling my name.  I haven't done anything for myself for my birthday and I believe that there is some Joel Salatin and Storey Publishing books in my future!

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