Monday, October 5, 2009

How much of a jerk is Jon Gosselin?!!!?


So for awhile I've been nursing this "what a JERK" thing against Jon Gosselin. Before I go too deep into this blog rant let me say that I'm not a Jon & Kate + 8 fan- actually I've never seen an entire episode of the show. A few minutes here & there while flipping channels but by no means am I a fan of the show. I also never bought into the oh poor Jon routine. Ok Kate seems to be the louder and more in control of the two. Now it seems like she had to be. This man seems like such a spineless wonder its almost unbelievable. He got married & had his kids too young? Grow up dude! The fact that you started publicly dating within a month of filing for divorce is a bit classless when your family life has been playing out on TV. Your choice of new partners shows your glaring lack of judgement. If I were Kate I'd have big issues about you bringing someone with a record around my children! Just me though. Then TLC decides that they are taking your name off of the show title and going forward with Kate & the kids. Your response is a world class temper tantrum and halting production. You had no problem with your children's lives being played out on TV for years this sudden "concern" of yours isn't real and shows how desperate you are. The cherry on top though is you allegedly emptying out the shared bank account that is to support the family. Seriously what is wrong with this man? This guy was a nothing bartender that Kate should have probably never gotten mixed up with but it happened. She's got 8 gorgeous kids now and is doing her best to make sure they have a financially secure future. You can't unring the bell as far as having their lives on TV so for goodness sake Jon quit playing games and grow up!

I'm really not sure why I had to blog about this but for awhile now its been bugging me. Perhaps its the glaring immaturity displayed by Jon reminds me of those I have known. I'm also sick of strong women who aren't afraid to take control being portrayed as a bitch. Don't know but that's today's blog!

HM Sarah Siggy


Lynn (Eclectic Education) said...

I so agree with you!!! I'm not sure if I'm crazy about Kate (I don't watch the show) but I know I can stomach Jon. Geeesh, everything he is doing is for himself and his poor kids are the ones getting hurt in this. He likes the money, that much is obvious from his playboy type of lifestyle.

~Lynn (eclecticeducation)

Jen on the Edge said...