Friday, October 2, 2009

TGIF or Ugh! Its Friday?


Yes its official! Fall is here! My mom turned on the heat last night (over major protests from me & my father) and I made a "fall" dinner & I'm wearing a sweater today. For the most part I LOVE Fall. The leaves changing colors and pulling out my sweaters. Now there are aspects I don't like as well- yesterday was a perfect example. Yesterday was one of those rainy, gray, very dreary fall days. (I'm not a fan of rain at all- actually I'll go to great lengths to avoid rain). Today on the other hand is a perfect fall day. Its sunny & bright but cool. Just makes me want to go for a walk! Unfortunately I need to do some major cleaning today so I don't think I have time for a walk but maybe I'll sneak one in later. I've gotten Princess Bear (PB) into the habit of walking to and from Sunday school each week so if the weather holds out I'll look forward to a walk on Sunday! Well, I'm off to make lunch & get to cleaning! Have a great weekend!

HM Sarah Siggy

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