Friday, October 9, 2009

Um....Excuse Me?????

Ok I'm going to start this off with a few disclaimers. The following post has nothing to do with:

a) my political views or association
b) race or racist views

Now that all of that is out of the way can ANYONE (really truly anybody) please tell me how Barak Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize?!!!!!? Seriously, the man won a Nobel Peace Prize for his first 2 weeks in office and because he wants the world to be nuke free. Are you kidding me?!!!!? Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks so either. The following is from an AOL news survey:

Do you agree with the decision to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize?
No 69%
Yes 31%

Total Votes: 311,582
Note on Poll Results

When did the Nobel Committee take on political views? Aagot Valle, a lawmaker for the Socialist Left party who joined the committee this year, said she hoped the selection would be viewed as "support and a commitment for Obama." I think its all well & good to want to support Obama if thats what you want to do but do grant a prize of this magnitude on 2 weeks worth of work simply brings the Nobel Peace Prize to a new low. This prize has always had a prestige about it that I think is now lost. Its kind of like little kids sports teams who give every player a trophy for participation. "Mr. President sir we admire what you say you want to do. Here's your Nobel Peace Prize". Yep, you could say that I'm slightly incredulous that Obama received this honor. The only thing that is remotely good about the whole ridiculous event is that Obama is giving the $1.4 million prize money to charity. Not that he really had a choice. Can you imagine the public outcry if he would have kept it?

Ok, I've vented enough for now. I have bathrooms to clean, laundry to wash and a TON of packing and preparing to do before departing for Chicago & my cousins wedding. Have a great weekend!

HM Sarah Siggy

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Susan said...

I know it! If he had done anything at all, I'd have no issue with it. He won for what he might do. Well hell, I might do something spectacular, too. Give me the prize. I could really use the 1.4 million dollar prize!