Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another "pop" b&*ch

So finally the drama seems to be dying down with the NBC Leno vs O'Brien fiasco. The article supporting O'Brien is SO not accurate it just makes me want to scream! What most supporters of O'Brien forgot is that in some ways Conan is getting EXACTLY what he deserves! Leno NEVER wanted to retire! 5 years ago NBC almost lost O'Brien and in a stupid attempt to keep him at NBC they promised him The Tonight Show in 5 years. Fast forward 5 years and NBC is still going forward with this idiotic plan. Let's not discuss the fact that Leno has consistently been #1. That apparently doesn't matter when you're faced with losing a "talent". Ratings don't matter. Or do they? Well, they surely matter when Conan comes in and flubs it up from the word GO. I must also mention that Leno's prime time slot did not do well. Then again I don't think that was a huge surprise to anyone. So NBC wanting to get the ratings back that they had enjoyed during Leno's Late Night tenure offer him a 1/2 slot before the Tonight Show with O'Brien. Once again O'Brien pitches a fit and starts spouting garbage about how it would be the end of The Tonight Show. HONESTLY???? Where did the man get his chutzpah???!!!??? As we all know Conan picked up his ball and went running home- bye bye!!! I can't wait for the return of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! I can however wait a very, very, very (perhaps an entire lifetime!) long time before ever watching Conan O'Brien again!

Ok- of the soap box for the day!

HM Sarah Siggy

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