Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics

Ok, so I admit it- I'm a big old sentamental freak but I always get teary eyed watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! Princess Bear wasn't very into but did want to carry a flag! My child has a innocence that I find so precious! If I could just protect her from the real world :( Now I need to go google several questions I have from watching the said opening ceremonies:

- Why is Ireland its own entity but not Scotland?
- Why are the Native People of Canada called the First Nations?

and there's a few more but frankly I'm about brain dead!



Susan said...

Ireland is divided into two sections. One part is it's own country, and one part belongs to Great Britain. Scotland, on the other hand belongs to Great Britain in totality.

Sarah said...

Thanks! We were discussing the Ireland vs Northern Ireland at dinner- I'm an idiot!