Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a day

Ok- so I've got to admit I've really not got a whole lot. I'm trying to set up my other blog so when things calm down & can plow ahead with that one & I'm not feeling the best. I think a trip to the physicians assistant is in order. Now to find the time! I will share just a few of the quirks of my brain. Here we go with random musings!

-How does one know when they are seriously PMSy?
Well, if you happen to be me, it is a sure sign when you're sobbing watching The Wedding on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The show isn't on my must see list but occasionally its fun to watch. Last night they had a marathon leading up to the season finale. I also have to admit at this point in my life I have not real tracking system for when its that time of the month. After one of my best friends was hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs I got off the pill much to my gyno's dismay. I'm not in a relationship of any type that would require me to keep track so I basically don't. (You should see the nurses face at a Dr's appt when they ask when my last period is- I don't know a few weeks ago) So I realized as I was watching the Wedding preps on the show & crying it must be PMS

and one last how do you know

-How do you know when your cat is too fat?
Ok, I admit it. I have a fat cat. This is not exaggeration. Last time she was weighed she was 15 lbs and she weighs more now. My sister & bil call her Jabba the Cat. So yes I am fully aware my cat is fat- she fits in with the household perfectly! That said when said cat is so fat she can not clean herself well & I have to clean her privates the cat is too fat! Bathing a cat is not fun if you haven't tried it, so Fluff is heading for a diet!

Well, that's it for this side!

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Susan said...

(((hugs))) PMS blows.