Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I freaking LOVE our snowblower!!!

Seriously!  My dad bought a new one two winters ago perhaps.  I dubbed this thing the Beast immediately.  It makes quick work out of clearing the driveway.  Frankly it took more time to back out the car, get it out from under its tarp, fill it with gas, start it and put the car back than it did to clear the driveway.  Now I always had a bit of a problem with my carpal tunnel and the Beast.  This was the first time I used it since I broke my hand.  About 1/2 way through the driveway I had to take a 30 second rest to shake out my arm.  I was also so thrilled to be out of the house and enjoying the outside that I went over to my neighbors and cleared off 2/3 of her driveway (she always parks in the middle so I saw no need to do the whole thing) and her front walkway.  After that my dad came looking for me.  Who knows how many other peoples driveways I would have done?  It definitely helped my cabin fever!  Good thing too because we're going to be housebound tomorrow.  The high for tomorrow with the wind chill factored in is estimated to be -25*.   The local school districts have all cancelled school for tomorrow.  My only plans for going outside will be a quick trip to feed the birds. 

Princess Bear (PB) had another good day.  She's tolerating food better.  She wanted to know if we could go out to breakfast.!  She's really craving chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  Who can blame her?  Unfortunately even if it wasn't going to be OMG cold her system isn't ready for that kind of food yet.  I did promise to make some plain pancakes.  It was a compromise she was eventually ready to make.

I spent a good portion of this evening texting with Mason.  I do love it when the man tries to appease me!  I asked him what his daughter received from her long distance beau for Christmas.  It lead to this whole "conversation".  I thought the young man was rather boring in his gift choices.  Mace then tried telling me that I was too high maintenance.  After awhile he came around to my way of thinking.  Good Mace!  Biscuit! :)    While I completely can sympathize with having very little money to spend on gifts I think with some thought and planning its very possible to get a gift that can be very personal.  What do you think?


lotta joy said...

Any rare gift I receive from my daughter always consists of something SHE likes, which proves how little she knows about ME.

If you were a vegetarian, I'd never send you a gift of frozen steaks, and that's pretty much the way you can judge a gift: It IS the thought that counts. lol

Sarah said...


I'm so sorry that your daughter puts very little thought into what she gifts you. You're absolutely right in that it shows a glaring lack of insight into what makes you.... you!

My daughter absolutely loves giving gifts to all of us for the various holidays. We're all book lovers in my family so what we've started doing (without PB's knowledge) is having a day where we all go to Barnes and Noble and pick out books we want. We then hide the stash and PB has a grand time gifting and we love what we get. It's very pathetic on one hand but on the flip side we're all excited about what we get! It usually leads to a very quiet Christmas day since we all have our noses buried in a new book!