Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This country is toast folks!!!

OK, I know the gun debate will rage on for all time.  Personally, I think everyone should have the choice to carry a gun as long as they know how to use said gun.  That means spending some time on a range practicing.  That doesn't mean buying it out of some pawn shop, taking it home and hoping for the best.  I could go off on this gun thing all night but I'm going to narrow it down just a little bit so we can have some fun with it.

Have you heard about this school in Alabama that wants every child to bring an 8oz can of food to school?  Why bring a can of food to school you might ask.  Is it for a food drive for the less fortunate?  No.  Is it to help stock the local soup kitchen?  No.  It's to help thwart a potential gunman!  Yes I'm dead serious.  You can find an article about it HERE.    I'll give you a minute to head over there and read the article.  After you've stopped laughing and shaking you're head c'mon back here and join me, ok?

It's educators that think like this that truly scare me.  That principal is serious has a freaking heart attack.  She's a principal.  I'm guessing that even in Alabama that means she has a masters degree.  If not a Bachelors with a lot of work experience.  And yes I just made fun of Alabama.  Sorry.  I used to live in has some great aspects to it.  Then you have something like this.

Now let's talk about what happens after you've sent little Timmy off to school with his can of chicken n stars soup and little Susie with her can of spaghetti Os.  The principal at this school thinks that storing their little 8oz can of food in their desk is going to empower them.  Really?????  Really?????  Oh and lets not forget to make sure its a can of food that needs a can opener to open it.  You wouldn't want little Timmy or Susie to get a case of the mid morning munchies and open that bad boy up!  No siree!  That could open whole other can of problems! Oh and let's hope that none of these kiddos go rogue and take justice into their own hands. You know little Mikey tagged little Ashley too hard in gym class (the one day a week that they have gym) and when they get back to the room little Ashley fires her can of peaches in heavy syrup at little Mikey. Then you'll have the food police sending a note home to little Ashley's mom about how unhealthy heavy syrup is. Hell....DCFS might even get involved. Heavy syrup is child abuse to be sure!

Now I'll be the first to admit that this sign is much more in line with what I'd like to see happening in schools:

 photo SignGuns_zps2783d9c1.jpg 

Really. Let any potential gunman stop for a second and decide how lucky they feel that day. Completely works for me. Now I know most schools don't have the cojones to stand behind a policy like this. Instead we now have schools that are on lock down and kids have to have drills on what to do if a potential gunman does enter the building. If you live in Alabama that means little Timmy is going to be beaming a can of chicken n stars at the gunman. Now color me crazy but to you really think provoking said gunman by beaming them on the head with a can of soup is a really good idea? Yeah- not so much!


Leigh said...

I can't help but think that if possibly the educational system would have educated these now terrorist types properly, that maybe this kind of stuff wouldn't happen in the first place(?) We throw morals out the window because of their "religious" connotations, we take down the 10 commandments because folks might see them and actually do them (things like don't steal and don't kill), in the movies we glorify "heroes" who break every law in the book, and then we expect folks to be respectful, kind, and courteous to one another. What a mess this world has become. No wonder folks think civilization is coming to a crashing halt.

Sarah said...


There is something to the way you think. When I was on Google looking for a picture of the sign showing that teachers carried I came across another sign. It had a picture of the bible on it and a gun along with "Two of the things kids need to learn the most isn't taught in schools". You're also dead on about expecting folks to be respectful, kind and courteous but it isn't happening. I think the biggest part of the problem is that it just isn't taught in the homes. It doesn't bode well for us as a country.