Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life plods along

I've been working on getting all my ducks in a row so I can respond to the people that did the inquiry on the Dr. I filed the complaint about.  Fun and games.  I did get a copy of Princess Bears (PB) records for the hospital stay.   Nowhere in the report did I see anything saying that anyone but a resident saw her the 1st day she was admitted.  That's a good sign for me to keep fighting this.

Her Dr's office and I are still trying to deal with the GI problems that PB is having from the ileus.  She'll be fine and dandy for a few days and then just have a horrid stomach ache.  It kills me to see my baby in so much pain.  The patient case manager at her pediatricians office is trying to get her into a new GI Dr.  I think I also need to see her pediatrician.  In looking at her records from the hospital stay there are several tests that were either high or low.  I don't want to borrow trouble but I don't want something to fall through the cracks either. 

In our school district every three years in addition to an IEP a big formal round of tests are done to see how every child receiving special education services is doing.  The first few times the kids are little.  3, 6 and 9 years old.  This year PB is going to be 12 and it gets a bit more dicey. Do I want them to still work on an academic approach or start focusing on life skills.  The next one at 15 PB will be the first time that PB has say in what is going on.  Part of this every three years battery of tests is meeting with the Social Worker from the District that is assigned to PB.  Last time the woman and I butted heads.   She didn't like one of the requests I made.  Every year I will grant them permission to do whatever testing they need included standardized IQ testing.  Then I make them crazy by not letting them include her IQ score in any of the paper work.  It's not that I don't want to face the facts.  By all means of testing my daughter is developmentally delayed and I know it.  My problem is that I still want her teachers to push her.  I don't want them to make her miserable but I do want her limits tested.  She can't grow if she isn't pushed.  SO, I don't want any teacher to get a preconceived idea of what PB is capable of based on a test score.  I want it do be determined by the work they do with her.  It really pissed off the social worker last time.  This time she was much better about it since she does see where I'm coming from.  I went into this meeting very unsure of how things would go.  Turns out I was worried for nothing.  She was really wonderful about everything and also gave me a lot of information about local resources I didn't know about.  She had information about  an upcoming 4H event where the kids get to participate in 4 different classes for $10.  There are 32 classes to pick from.  PB picked crochet, dog care and grooming, cupcake decorating and how to build a birdhouse.  Can't beat that for $10!

I was super stoked about the announcement of Luke Bryan's upcoming tour.  If he'd play a stadium show in Chicago PB would have been over the moon since Florida Georgia Line are playing the stadium dates.  Alas, no stadium tour in Chi town.   I did try to convince my mom that we could turn PBs birthday into a Nashville weekend and in addition to the concert go to the Louisville Zoo and the Louisville Slugger museum.  Only problem is by June and July Nashville can be pretty darn hot and why risk all that money only to have a chance that PB could overheat?  That also took the St. Louis concerts out of the running.  Then I saw that he's playing 2 shows at the United Center in Chicago.  I love the United Center.  They serve super yummy Bob Chinns Mai Tais there.  Well, they used to.  I've been to Bulls games at the United Center when Michael Jordan was still playing.  I've been to some awesome concerts like U2 at the United Center.  Fun times.  So, I started looking at the Chicago dates and rolling it around in my head whether my child missing 1.5 days of school for a concert was something I could justify.  Then a wonderful idea struck.  PB is supposed to do her yearly trip to Shriners in September.  Bet I could just nicely ask if she could do it the end of October and bam!  Excused absences from school!!!!  So tomorrow I'm going to be calling Shriners and hoping like all get out that I can schedule her visit then! 

So that's pretty much the story here.  I was considering covering the SotU address but really how many times and ways can I say that Barak Obama is a complete idiot before its just redundant?  Then there's the whole deflategate deal.  That one really pisses me off.  I was really hoping for a Seattle vs Indianapolis Super Bowl.  Mostly because I really hate the Packers and I'm no big fan of the Pats.  I think Belichick is a complete a$$hat that needs to be banned from coaching and Tom Brady needs to take a long walk off a short pier.  After some thought though I decided not to broach the Deflategate fiasco! :)  (ok not in depth!).


lotta joy said...

Sorry to be such a new reader that I don't know what's going on. After my giant fubar where surgery was concerned, ANOTHER surgeon made the remark that "He removed too much tissue and that's why the incision won't close". I said "Would you say that in court?" and he answered "Well..I wasn't there at the time and he might have had a reason."

Yeah. Right. That's why this surgeon was SO SHOCKED at what had been done to me. (it took me 1 1/2 years to finally heal)

Leigh said...

Good for you for being such an advocate. It's one of the hardest parts about being a parent, but oh, so important. I'm praying for the best outcomes in both situations, but no matter what, PB will know without a doubt how much you love her because of the way you stand up for her.

Leigh said...

I wanted to add that I used to work in a hospital and that doctors are very careful to record visits to patients in the doctors notes section of their chart because this is how they are paid. Any doctor who makes a notation gets paid for a "visit". Don't know if you got that part of PB's records, but it would tell you for sure (unless the doctor falsified the date).

Sarah said...


To say that my daughters entire hospital stay was a fiasco would be an understatement. The good thing is that she's fine. The bad thing is that she could possibly have this Dr. again. Not ever going to happen on my watch!

Thanks so much for the kind words and especially the prayers! The Dr. in question signed the notes and history taken by the residents. He's saying he was there but the longest PB was ever alone was a couple of minutes for me to use the restroom. No way he could come in and examine her in that amount of time. He's lying. Now to prove it!