Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The best made plans.....


Well, I decided it was time for a parenting time out today. We have this great place here in town through the Crittendon Centers called the Crisis Nursery. They provide parenting time outs. Basically you call the day before and say you'd like to bring your child in for X amount of time. Its basically set up like a day care with lots of workers and structured activities. I've been letting Princess Bear go about every other week. This is our own down time away from each other since she's not in school right now. She really likes being around other kids and I really like having some free time! Win win all the way around! Unfortunately it seems that on these days I spend lots of time cramming in as many errands as possible so I don't have to drag PB out (her sensory issues have gotten really bad in stores...way too much stimulation). From the time I dropped her off until my parents brought her home I was on the go. It was absolutely wonderful to go to so many places and get so much accomplished with ease. No fighting about seat belts or riding or not riding in the cart! I have decided the next time PB goes I'm having a total me day. Maybe lunch with a friend or just a nap.

I've got almost everything ready to put the pool up. My dad is still trying to decide where he wants it. It was HOT today. I wish we'd get the ball rolling on this! Then again welcome to Illinois it was low 90's today and we're expecting low 70's tomorrow!

Well that is the run down here! I'm off to do some more laundry and then SLEEP! Do you have any exciting plans for the 4th of July?!!!?

HM Sarah Siggy

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