Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's a good thing she's so cute!


Ok I've got to say that G-d clearly knew what he was doing when making babies and kids cuter than all get out! My child has spent this week testing my limits and giving me more new gray hair than I thought possible in one week!

Now my mom left on Sunday for Miami. This should have been a wonderful laid back week! The only thing to put a damper on things is my moms declaration of anything not "done" in my room is getting thrown out on Friday. Ok, fair enough! So looking forward to being able to just chill a bit was seriously waylaid by my gorgeous daughter. I swear that talking to a wall would get better results. She is doing things she clearly knows better than. Its making me crazy. I'm about 2 seconds from crawling into bed and staying there! Now I know that Princess Bear (PB) has some issues but this is ridiculous! I'm at my wits end and really don't know how to deal with it anymore. My child would spend her life in time out if I go that route. I'm reading Raising the Spirited Child (this woman met my kid before she wrote the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Even things that are for her well being and safety she disregards. I'm at the shoot me now or send the kid to the moon impasse. Please tell me that this happens to all moms. How do you deal with it?!!!?

HM Sarah Siggy


The Dyball Clan said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by Handmade Holidays!! I'm a little behind in getting the first challenges going... but other things (children!!) always come first:-)

I have a daughter who just turned 5 too (in May). I have 3 children, 2 girls who are 6.5 & 5 and a little boy who's two. I know there are days when I am at my wits end and I want to crawl in bed!! So I do, after a quick prayer to help me "through this" and to help with MY attitude... I grab the kiddos and some good books or a favorite movie (usually The Sound of music) and we hang out in bed for a long while... and then start all over again!! It usually helps everyone's attitudes/behavior.


Heather said...

My youngest is this way too, always testing her limits, always into something, always driving me nuts! Today at the store, she was licking all of the produce. Yesterday she was dunking her toothbrush in the toilet and then brushing her teeth with it.

How do I cope? I laugh. Seriously. I try to see the humor in her mischief, and I remind myself that this is a phase that will pass, and someday I'll want it back.

Then, I write a blog post about it!

Susan said...

It's there job, hon. To make you crazy. My dad says he's still waiting for all of us to outgrow it! LOL