Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is is a good idea to trash a lot of my things & then leave town & leave your Discover Card with me?!!? :)

Ok...long story short. My room is clean but my mom went psycho in it yesterday. I am one of those very into makeup & my nails people. Don't have nearly the time I used to but still try! Anyway my mom trashed my makeup & nail polishes yesterday. If anyone is living in Central IL I can give you directions to my house...grab any of the garbage bags on trash'll be like hitting a jackpot! I'm pretty brain dead after the all out with my mom but life will go on. My room & Princess Bears (PB) room are clean so I guess my mom will have to think of some other reasons to kick us out!

On a totally different note PB found the Easter Seals fundraising video from last year...she's in it & loves to watch herself! Not vain or anything! The cool thing is they her segments were taped in a speech therapy session with Miss Deb. They were playing with some cars and PB came out with such a clear "GO" they included voice in the video for the first time ever! They also used audio for another kiddo! I really can't tell you want a difference Easter Seals has made in our lives! It used to be that I felt we were living there. PB was in feeding, ot, pt, speech, behavior & lekotech therapies. She's graduated out of everything but speech (she gets ot, pt & speech at school but speech is the only one she needs the backup on at this point!). Here is a link to the video. What do you think of PB with short hair? My mom and neighbor want me to cut it so its just a cap of curls again.


Heather said...

Sarah, I don't get it. What is the deal with your Mom? Is she mad at you about something, or does she resent that you live with her, or what? Not that it's any of my business, but I'm just so shocked that she would invade your privacy like that. You're an adult, but she still treats you like a child.

Sarah said...

First and foremost my mom doesn't like that we're living here and she's still angry that I had my daughter (she really tried to get me to go the adoption route). Privacy? I have none...I live in their house and therefore gave up my privacy. Through working with a really great therapist I'm starting to realize that my mom (& by default myself) have codependancy issues. My mom has never been able to seperate from being a mom to a child to being a mom to an adult. A huge difference that should have happened YEARS ago! My mom has big anger issues. She is still upset about things that happened when I was young (9 years old) and I'm going to be 35 in a few months. I just try to stay as positive as possible, reminding myself that Kiernan is doing well here and I'm trying to get my butt through school so I can move us out of here. I also remind myself that I love my mom but she's crazy (although she likes pointing out on a daily basis that I'm the certifiable one). What doesn't kill us just makes us stronger, right?