Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Checking In

Wow! Once again I've fallen off the face of the earth! Sorry about that! All sorts of things going on with Princess Bear (PB) and my family in general. We went to my sisters on the 3rd and did fireworks so we tried them again on the 4th. PB was way more interested in playing. She couldn't have cared less! We spent more time this weekend cleaning out our attic. We need to just rent a dumpster and start chucking things in there!!!

Princess Bear started breaking out with a weird rash and her oh too regular hives on the 4th so things have been interesting to say the least. She literally has been asking for the pink medicine (Benedryl). My poor kiddo. We are having a really really BIG problem with her listening to any of us so we're doing some tough love. If she doesn't listen we're done doing whatever it is that we're doing. Well, today I tried going to the grocery store with her. I said she could ride in a car cart or help me push. PB doesn't want to help push she wants to do it all herself. Nope not unless I'm trying to turn the store into a demolition derby. I gave her one warning and it didn't work so I picked her up and left. PB raised holy heck and a woman thought I was hurting her....UGH!!!!

I also found out today that Miss Deb, our beloved speech therapist for PB, lost her daughter on the 1st. I feel so bad for her. I truly cannot imagine burying my child no matter what their age. I also feel bad because I did not know and consequently didn't attend the funeral. Heather was such a joyous person and the world is a much sadder place without her. My heart goes out to Deb.

HM Sarah Siggy


Susan said...

Sarah, I have all kinds of information on diet and behavior. Especially for special needs children, who have enough stuff going on anyway. I'm going to set up a section on Glenn's new forum for it. I'll give you the path when I get it going.

Sarah said...

Thanks Suzy! Can't wait! I know that something has to help!!!

Susan said...

www.laughingtao.com is Glenn's site and it's open now. Not much on it, but there will be!