Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still Alive! :)

HI! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. On Thursday night Princess Bear (PB) had a major allergy attack and was coughing A LOT in her sleep. Since she has a tendency to choke I was sticking close to her. Friday was our appointment in Chicago. It was the first trip that PB & I took with just my dad (usually my mom joins us). It definitely made for a different dynamic to be sure! The appointment wasn't until 2:20 so we didn't leave home until around 10. We stopped at a rest stop about an hour and a half from Peoria. We ate lunch and let PB play on the playground for a few minutes. She was so tickled to be eating outside. The rest stop is right next to some big fields and there was a plane flying overhead and PB loves any sort of air transportation! The playground was big fun too since she doesn't get to play on them much since she tends to overheat so quickly. We then hit the road again and got into Chicago and to the hospital about 20 minutes before our appointment. Google Maps gave us new directions and my dad decided to go with it. I found so many things I didn't know were so near! A Whole Foods! A Carters store, an Ulta (I LOVE Ulta!!!) and a Betsey Johnson boutique. PB has had some really cute stuff from her kids line! I was so excited. Unfortunately we didn't have time to stop before the appointment and after the appointment we were heading in the opposite direction. At least I know where these things are!!!

The appointment went very well! I love our Dr's nurse. She knows that I was very frustrated and made sure to sit in on the appointment so all of my questions would be answered. As it stands now PB's next surgery will be sometime between the ages of 7.5 and 9 years old. The Dr would like to wait as close to 9 as possible since it gives more time for growth and bone to become firm. Hopefully she won't keep growing at such a rapid pace or the endocrinologist can help out with that in some way. The Dr also wants the surgery to be PB's decision. This next surgery is to reshape her eye orbits and bring her eyes in closer together. The Dr feels that this surgery is more elective than the one she has had and others that are totally necessary. I don't know if a 9 year old is able to fully comprehend that kind of decision. I hate that kids have on several occasions looked at her and asked what was wrong with her. By the grace of G-d PB truly has no idea that she looks different or has any differences. I'm so thankful that she is so happy and well adjusted I can't even begin to describe it. I also don't want her to be a victim of ridicule for her life. How do you decide to do "elective" surgery that would be for the child's greater good as far as self esteem or not do the surgery and hope they are strong enough to deal with the teasing of others? Man I'm so glad that I have a lot of time before I have to deal with this.

After the Dr's appointment my dad had to take PB past Wrigley since there was a game going on. Since my parents first apartment was near there he showed us that. Then it was off to run a few errands. PB was in the backseat piping up every couple of minutes that she wanted a hot dog. Well, there isn't a better city in the world, other than Chicago to get a hot dog. We stopped in one of the cities many many hot dog/ burger/ gyro eateries. PB got her ketchup only dog while my dad and I made like true Chicagoans and had ours walked through the garden. After that my dad wanted to go by the cemetery to check on his grandfathers plot. Most of my dads family who has passed on is in this particular cemetery. We got there and found the section. We also found out that most of the markers were gone. After searching for awhile and reprimanding PB for removing pinwheels from someones flowers we decided that we'd try again on another trip when the office was open. After that we had to head over to Minelli Bros Deli before they closed. If you live around Chicago check it out...they have the most amazing canolli (?) in the world. PB has decided she likes "Nolli's" a lot. She won't eat the shell. She sticks her fingers in and gets out the filling and goes to town. It was a bit entertaining and entirely too messy! After that we headed home. My dad disregarded my warning that it was Friday and traffic would be horrible. Sure enough the minute we got on 55 it was like a parking lot. The entire length of 55!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess Bear had a total and complete meltdown. I felt so bad for my baby. She was so tired and just wanted to be held. We finally got back into town just before 10pm. Most definitely a long day. Yesterday was major running around and doing errands with my parents. Today was Church and family brunch. My nephew is getting so darn big! Then PB and I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping the pool and attempting to fill it. After about 2 hours of filling its still only about half full. Tomorrow is PB's first speech session since Miss Deb's daughter passed. I'm so glad that we'll see Deb just to see how she's holding up. I'm dreading it though because we love Deb so much and feel so bad for her loss. Anyway, that is the check in from this side.

HM Sarah Siggy


Heather said...

I'm glad your appointment went well! Have a good week!

Susan said...

I hate traffic. I cannot imagine being stuck in Friday Chicago traffic. ACK! I'm glad everything went well.