Sunday, March 16, 2014

Apparently I'm a mean Mom! :)

My facebook status today was something to the effect of "How do I get Princess Bear (PB) to try chopped liver?  Threaten to withhold the Malnati's pizza that is the fridge slated for dinner".  Apparently it's awful that I made her try this.  Now please understand that I'm actually sitting her chuckling as I write this.  I'm not too worried that a few of my friends think this is horrible.  I'm pretty sure they are more offended by WHAT I insisted she try than the fact that I made her try it.  Now I'll be the first to admit that chopped liver spread is an acquired taste.  I just wanted her to actually taste it before pooh-poohing it.  I'll also admit while I actually like eating it I don't like looking at it.  It's one of those things that my mom obviously has me eating before I really knew what I was eating and then once I figured it out I just didn't want to see it.  That's where some really good seeded rye bread comes into play. 

My whole thing with making PB try it is that tastes change.  I'm certainly not shoving it down her throat but I am saying "Hey take a bite and see what you think".  I remember at one point when PB was seeing a feeding therapist they mentioned that the same food had to be offered and rejected 15 times before a parent should really fell like it was a food to be truly rejected.  Well chopped liver spread has a short shelf life and we don't get to a decent deli (aka someplace in Chicago) often enough that this is a theory I'm going to try. I just don't want to have one of those kids who looks at something and says "yuck!" without trying it.  You try it and don't like it go on your merry little way.  If I hadn't made her try knish at some point she wouldn't have been chowing down on that and corned beef last night like she hadn't been fed in days! 

I've always looked at life and it's situations in a way that was try it twice because you might have been wrong the first time.  So I guess if I'm an awful Mom for this reason- so be it!

Also because someone will ask what the deal with Malnati's pizza is I'll explain it.  It is quite simply hands down, no bars held the BEST FREAKING CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA ON THIS G-D'S EARTH.  Don't talk to me about any other pizzeria that is well know in Chicago because I promise you that Malnati's is better.  If you are a Chicago style deep dish pizza fan you can actually order it and have it delivered anywhere in the lower 48.  Call 1-800-Lou-To-Go  or you can check out there website HERE

For my dad's 60th birthday some of his cousins couldn't make it down here for the party.  Guess what showed up on our doorstep?  You've got it!  Lou's to Go pizza! 


Shell Adkins said...

I think you're a fantastic mom! :)

When I was growing up, my mother was the same as you, she encouraged me to try different foods at least a few times before making a decision about them. She was raised the complete opposite and as a result, she is so picky about food that there are literally only a few foods that she will eat.

It's kinda sad in a way, but I'm so glad, that she raised me to at least be a little adventurous with food.

On a different note, I did not know you could have their pizza delivered! Definitely will be checking that out!!

Sarah said...

I just keep on thinking about the fact that I do love chopped liver and know that if my mom would have waited until I was old enough to know what it was that I would have NEVER tried it! The deal I make with PB is that whenever I make or have something new (or relatively new)she has to take a bite. If it's truly awful she can spit it out (as long as we're not in public). She just has to try it. My parents were great about introducing us to different foods. I think because they were both from Chicago and there are so many ethnic neighborhoods there you get exposed to things and they wanted to share that with us.

You should definitely check out the Malnati's pizza. Best stuff ever! Let me know if you try it!