Saturday, March 22, 2014

My nephews love Duck Dynasty!

I spent tonight babysitting my nephews.  I usually try to show up with some things that aren't quite the norm for them.  Tonight it was Duck Dynasty beards and a pad that was the shape of monsters with lots of eyes, mouths, tusks and other things to design your own monster pictures.  Both were a big hit all the way around.  Here are the boys rockin' their Duck Dynasty beards.  Too cute!

 photo IMG_20140322_184544_zpsae29b93d.jpg

For whatever reason Tyler decided he needed to grab his dad's glasses for this pic.  Maybe I should have bought him the gray Uncle Si beard?  It cracks me up to listen to these 2 tell me about their favorite episodes of Duck Dynasty.

It was a nice way to spend the evening.  I have another sinus infection so I was a bit worried about keeping up with the two of them but no worries.  The monster sticker thing was a huge success as well.  Stickers generally are!  I am completely and totally worn out though and have no idea how I'm going to wake my sorry a$$ up for church in the morning.  Ugh!   Off to bed for me! 

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Terry and Linda said...

Oh, I hope you get well...

Those boys look just like the DD guys!! Perfect!

✿♥ღ Linda