Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I must admit that I'm a bit jealous!

That is of people experiencing Spring weather!  There isn't a crocus or daffodil in sight yet and those are always the first signs of Spring here.  We actually had a bit of snow last night and they are calling for some random flurries tonight and tomorrow.  I think I'm looking more forward to Spring than usual since illness has been so prevalent this winter.  Currently I can't swallow anything.   Great diet but a quick way to become dehydrated.  I'm beyond ready to play in the garden and not be sick! 

Princess Bear (PB) had a Spring dance at school today.  She was all excited because her friend Terek asked her to go and dance with him.  He's a sweet kid.  Bless their little hearts though.  He needs a walker to get around some I'm not sure how the actual dancing went but they had fun!  In her usual attempt to make me even more gray she asked "can I use some of your lipstick since you're sick and won't use it and I have a dance?"  Ugh!!!  We went through what my rules for make up are.  Is it Halloween?   Nope.  Is it a recital or performance of some kind?   Nope.  No such luck PB!!!  I guess I have to give her points for trying!  She's growing up way too quickly for my taste though! 


Terry and Linda said...

They do grow up fast. And, heck Mom, she just wanted to look good for her friend.

❤⊱彡 Linda

Leigh said...

They definitely grow up too fast! Pretty cute though. Glad you're a non-nonsense mom. :)

Sarah said...

Linda- we agreed on wearing a pretty necklace and doing a special hair do would be ok for looking good for her buddy! :)

Leigh- Thanks! Sometimes I do feel like I'm a bit of a meanie but the world forces them to grow up so fast I figure I'll just counter it where I can!