Thursday, March 20, 2014

My daughter is determinded to turn me gray!

Yesterday was a first here.  Not one of those firsts that I really wanted but I suppose it was bound to happen.  Princess Bear (PB) lied to me yesterday.  Not one of her finest moments.  I knew she was lying and told her what the punishment was to be.  I asked her what really happened.  You know when you look at your child and you can tell that they are weighing their options?  She stayed with the lie.  I pointed out to her that she was going to be punished regardless.  The thing she had to decide was how long she was going to be punished.   Fess up and the time is less.  Stay with the lie and the time increases.  She then told me the truth.  I explained why she was still being punished (because lying to me is NEVER gonna fly) but that instead of losing TV, music, and anything with a screen for a week it would only be 2 days.  Also for those 2 days she had to write sentences as a punishment.  This was the first time that punishment was ever set out for her.  She didn't like it one little bit.  I'm ok with that.  Perhaps next time she thinks about lying she'll remember having to write "I will not lie" 100 times. 


Sarah said...

Hang in there. They all do it at one time or another. The only good thing is they are usually SO BAD AT IT! Thank goodness for that.

Sarah said...

It is nice that they are pretty bad about lying. Makes our job a bit easier!