Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It feels longer

It feels longer since I last blogged.  It could be because my time online has been a bare minimum lately.  I went to the Dr. again on Friday and he diagnosed me with yet ANOTHER sinus infection, ANOTHER upper respiratory infection and an ear infection.  I am also having big problems with the carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and "trigger thumbs" in both arms.  Basically my right side (the one I've already had surgery on) is so bad that I can't use it and I'm popping Tramadol like they're candy.  The surgeon doesn't want to go back and try to relieve the pressure again.  I'm a not a happy camper at the moment.  I keep on dropping things and have no real grip strength at all.  Also, while carpal tunnel is relatively easy to recover from the elbow aspect and thumb are not.  It's getting close to gardening season and I really don't want to be laid up. 

I'm still fighting with the school board.  This week is ISAT testing.  The teachers solution to not being able to test all the kids at once is to stick them in front of a movie.  I've got calls into the coordinator and Special Education Director.  If they did the same today I'm keeping PB home from school tomorrow.  We're supposed to get a few more inches of snow and I see no reason to get up early and hope the roads are ok just so my child is parked in front of a TV all day. 

Speaking of snow, here in Peoria, we've broken the record for most snowfall.  So far this year we've had 53.4" of snow.  As I said we're scheduled for a few more inches today and I don't think we're done for the season.  Since it's been so cold here virtually none of the snow as melted.  Therefore you visit parking lots and see huge mountains of snow that was plowed out of the way.  Some streets are getting dangerous because the snow wasn't pushed back enough and has frozen into a big mess.  It makes me wonder how people in Alaska do it. 

So that's the story here.  I know a bit of Debbie Downer today.  Sorry.


Leigh said...

Sounds like you're getting hit from all sides! So sorry life is a bit rough at the moment. Hopefully spring and all it represents are right around the corner.

Sarah said...

Thanks Leigh! I agree I hope Spring happens oh so soon! I could handle a rebirth right about now!