Friday, February 28, 2014

I really am at my wit's end!

The last week has been proof that things are not going to get any better with Princess Bears (PB) school.  This is the second week in a row that the teacher has not been going over spelling words with PB.  Previously the teacher would go over the words daily and PB would almost always get 100% on her spelling test.  Sometimes a 90%.  My point is that she always does well as long as there is practice happening in school.  I also make her practice writing the words at home.  Last week I gave PB a practice spelling test on Thursday night.  She only got 4 of the 10 correct.  After a lot of writing and rewriting and rewriting some more she seemed to have a grasp on the words.  She took the test and she got a 90%.  Much better than I was anticipating.  I was very aggravated because it seemed liked the teacher is spending less time working on spelling with PB since the poop hit the fan in the IEP meeting.  Yesterday PB had her piano lessen and then we went out to dinner with my parents.  I was nice to have downtime with no fighting involved.  This morning I asked PB was ready for her spelling test.  She said no but she had a math worksheet to get down first.  I want to think that I'm reading too much into this but it's odd that the last 2 weeks PB is getting even less time being taught than she was before the IEP.

This morning I went in to talk to the teacher about the fact that it seems when PB needs her help in the classroom she isn't available.  Last week the teacher told the kids they could talk quietly.  PB was trying to finish some work and her bff Shay kept on trying to talk to her because the teacher said it was ok.  PB kept on asking Shay to leave her alone because she was trying to finish her work so she wouldn't have homework.  Shay kept on bothering PB so PB picked up her packet of papers and winged it at Shay.  No ok. Unfortunately I had a really hard time disciplining PB since I know how annoying Shay can be.  Her mom blames it on her special needs but I'm not sure it's the only thing to be blamed.  So I asked the teacher what it is that PB is supposed to do if something like this happens again.  She gave PB permission to get up  out of her seat to get the teacher or aide.  She also mentioned that usually Shay is behind a barrier because Shay does get into every one's business and tends to annoy the other kids.  Kind of a sad situation.  Then comes the kicker  at first the teacher said she knew nothing about the situation of PB throwing the packet at Shay.  Well she discussed the situation with the kids so why is she going to lie about it?  Then she said that she has separated PB and Shay and things were taken care of.  I really don't take kindly to being lied to.  It just makes me wonder what else she's willing to lie about.  I feel sorry for the teacher but that still enough to make lying ok.

There is also the fact that she went back to showing the kids movies again.  It hasn't even been 2 weeks since the IEP and she's back to not teaching and showing movies to keep the kids busy.  I didn't discuss it with her today.  I'll give her one more chance and then I'll call another IEP meeting.  She did try telling me again how PB is learning and progressing.  I again asked her how much more PB would learn if she was getting the appropriate amount of time and attention.  I'm also considering observing a few days in the classroom just to see what exactly is going on in the classroom. 

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