Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring sneak preview

The weather here has been gorgeous the past couple of days.  It's been in the low 40's and sunny.  The snow is melting and life is looking a bit brighter!  Yesterday was the first day that things really started to thaw and it sounding like it was raining when all the icicles started melting!  Of course all this melting after such a hard cold winter means that there is nowhere for the water to go.  We're supposed to get around 1" of rain between tonight and tomorrow.  Flood warnings have already been issued.  While this does present it's own set of problems I'm just glad to see some ok temperatures!  I actually wore a t-shirt yesterday.  Probably a bit premature but after this winter it's hard to contain excitement for decent weather!!!

I'd been playing phone tag with the Special Education Director for our school district since last week. We were finally able to talk last night.  Of course she called while Princess Bear (PB) was practicing piano.  She has a recital coming up and has been practicing like a crazy woman.  She wasn't thrilled to have to take a break so Mama could actually hear on the phone.  The Director claimed to have no idea that things were as bad as they are in PB's room.  I find that hard to believe but for now I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.  She told me that they are working on room scheduling and teacher assignments for the next school year in the month of March.  She asked me to give her until after Spring Break to get back to me with something definitive.  Ok.  I can live with that.  I did tell her that another year such as this one would be completely unacceptable and would land a lawsuit on the Districts doorstep.  I'm through playing games.  I do as much as I can to help my child learn but she is also guaranteed certain things by law that the district must deliver on. 

I also was looking for something to watch on TV earlier while making some phone calls and that brought me to the 32 episodes of Farm Kings sitting on my DVR.  That lead me to once again ponder if they are EVER going to release the show to DVD.  So I looked up Stage 3 Productions the company that produces the show.  I called them and asked.  My mom always said that you can only get 2 answers to a question but nada if you don't ask!  The people at Stage 3 Productions couldn't have been any nicer.  There still wasn't a real answer to whether the show will go to DVD but they were super nice.  When I mentioned that I blogged about the show a lot and the name of the blog he knew right away "who I was".  I was a bit stunned by that.  I explained that Farm Kings is PB's favorite show and that she really wants it on DVD as well.  Again all I can say is that the group working there are a very friendly bunch! 

One of the things that came out in PB's IEP meeting last week is the fact that PB is wearing her glasses.  As a matter of fact her glasses were bent in such a way they could no longer be worn.  I about flipped my lid.  For those of you who don't know the back story on this is that PB's left eye will not focus until her right eye comes into focus.  Therefore if something were to happen to her right eye she would essentially be rendered blind.  The Dr. decided that as a precaution the best thing to do was to have PB wear glasses as just a  bit more protection to the right eye.  When PB started school this year I wrote a FOUR page getting to know PB letter to her teacher.  It covered all her medical history, as well as other things I thought a teacher should know about PB.  The letter explained why PB must wear her glasses and how important it is.  This is just another example of the teacher really not listening to what is needed when it comes to general care and cautions for PB.  It's another example of the fact that the woman doesn't communicate.  She seemed honestly surprised when I again said how important it is for PB wear her glasses.  OK done with the back story.  PB brought her glasses home the other day.  Unfortunately our car was in the shop.  I finally got the car back last night- WooHoo!  Since today was another beautiful day and PB doesn't have any after school activities on Wednesday we drove to Washington which is the Walmart that we bought her glasses at.  The woman there looked at the glasses and said if she couldn't fix them that they had it in stock and would replace them.  Fortunately she was able to fix them.  PB also needed a new hard case to store her glasses in.  She picked Hello Kitty so now life is grand.  I'll just be happy if she starts wearing them at school regularly! 

So that's the story here morning glory!  Hope life is good on your home front!

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