Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Scramble

Everyone here is still suffering through whatever this evil ick is.  We're slowly but surely making strides towards health but the residual cough is insane.  I'm sending Princess Bear (PB) back to school for a 1/2 day tomorrow.  My darling daughter is still taking a couple of naps a day and the Dr. is not wanting her to be pushed since he lungs seem to be so sensitive anyway.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a Lukie and Aunt Sarah day but the boys are still sick so no adventures on that front.  It feels like forever since I've seen the boys!

Today was Groundhog's day.  I must say that I never really thought he was going to say that spring was coming soon.  It's been a pretty tough winter and I just couldn't picture it wrapping up quickly.  I did read an interesting post at Granny Miller A Journal Of Agrarian Life & Skills.  She always has very useful information and tidbits.  Today she discussed that today is the 1/2 point of winter.  You can read her post HERE.  Somehow it seems easier to think we're 1/2 done with winter and 1/2 towards spring.  For whatever reason it's easier to wrap my head around that.  I also don't want time to keep on flying by.  Seriously where in the world did January 2014 go??!!!??  Wasn't it just Christmas?  As PB gets older I tend to notice the time flying by faster than ever.  Now while I will admit that winter ties with summer as the least favorite of seasons I'm trying not to wish it away.  I'm trying to be content with my seed catalogs and garden plans knowing that that time will come soon enough. 

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