Monday, February 17, 2014

Wow! I guess I needed a break!

I spent the last several days basically Internet free.  It was a really nice change!  I did miss checking in on the blogs I read daily but I can always backtrack and do that.  The weather here has been awful with around 6" of snow falling on Friday and another 2"-3" on Saturday.  Sunday was thankfully snow free but then today we got just about 4".  I've got to say that if Old Man Winter doesn't show his face again for another  9 months or so that it would be perfectly ok with me! 

My dad does have this behemoth snow blower that we've nicknamed the beast.  It's wonderful and will go through any amount of snow and/or ice with no problem (so far and we've owned it for a couple of years now).  The beast is a bit hard to control but that's ok.  You get used to it quickly.  I went outside today and cleared off the driveway in under 10 minutes.  That sure beats shoveling anytime! 

Since we've had some serious indoor time lately I've been reading to Princess Bear (PB) a lot more than usual and she's spent a fair amount of time reading to me.  There is a great series of books called "I am....." and covers many famous people.  We finished the book on Amelia Earhart yesterday.  The book tells the story of her life and also interesting little side stories that can tie in.  I even learned a thing or two that I'd never heard before.  Today we started the I am Walt Disney book.   We also read the Brad Meltzer Abraham Lincoln kids book.  I love Brad Meltzer and this book was a great read and even had a bit of humor.  I really loved Melter's show Decoded on H2.  What a bummer that they cancelled that.  I think that all conspiracy theories have enough truth to keep them alive and circulating. 

On Saturday I took PB out to breakfast.  There was an Easter Seals benefit in a town about 20 minutes from here.  PB and her classmates did some pictures to help decorate the benefit.  PB has a real eye for color.  I need to find some art classes that she can take.  We did the Michaels Passport to fun last summer and that was great.  I also want to take some basic crochet & knitting classes with her.  Maybe I'll get my left carpal tunnel fixed first.  No point in taking something with her that I can't really practice at the moment.

So it was a pretty low key weekend but the technology break was really nice.  I'm feeling better about life in general and ready to soldier on! 

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