Saturday, February 1, 2014

Farm Kings Season 3 Episode 7

I've got to say this was a bit more of a "heartwarming" episode if you will.  A big portion of the episode dealt with the fact that John is growing up.  It's his senior year, he needs his own car and it was senior night for the football team.  I completely understand the rite of passage of wanting his own car and the necessity of it with as spread out as they are with farm locations, home and school.  While it might in theory be nice if he could share with Lisa I don't think anyone would want to be put in that position.  She's literally all over the place all the time.  Could you imagine if you were the person who made it so she couldn't get her stuff done?  Tim says that he's going to take John car shopping.  OK.  Lisa overhears this.  This apparently wasn't ok.  This might be one of the times I think the boys were in the wrong.  Lisa is the mom and one with primary guardianship (I would guess).  She kinda has a right to have some say.  It was hilarious when they tried leaving without her but no go on that.  I liked it when Tim told her that she was just supposed to sit there and look pretty.

(Side note: Now that Tim has a little bundle of joy coming anyone think he'll care enough about the child to quit using chew?!!?)

So they get to the car lot and Lisa picks out a nice big SUV looking vehicle.  Something that most of us want our kids in for their first car.  More metal around you protects you, right?  Unfortunately it's 14k and John wants to pay outright.  I guess Lisa could have offered to pay the difference but nothing was said about that.  The saleswoman gets John in a bitty car and he likes it.  SOLD!  Now my question is can that sale possibly be legal since John isn't yet 18 and went into the office and did the paperwork by himself?  Again hilarity ensues when both boys try to ditch Lisa on the other for the ride home.  There was a touching moment when Tim was just explaining to Lisa that she was sad because she's almost at the end of the line for getting to firsts with her kids.  One more first car after this.  It has to be hard.

It was also Senior Night for the football team.  Lisa looked great and held up beautifully so big props on that one!  Another one of those definitive "the door is shutting on childhood" moments.  It was great that all the brothers that could attend were there.

A few side stories this week:
-Bitty and Cameron taking some dance lessons in preparation for their wedding.  While Tim shared nothing of his big day Bitty is obviously willingly to let the audience in some.  She's said she's not sure how much she'll allow but clearly something which is lovely.  She and Cam have a natural ease around each other that envelopes them even when they aren't feeling graceful- for example when learning some "formal" dancing.  The fact that they continued to laugh and kiss instead of get intimidated or short bodes well for how they are as a couple.  I loved it when the instructor was trying to get her to put "herself" in it and she smacked his ass.  Don't think that was what he was talking about but it was funny!   I was surprised that the teacher suggested and Cam went along with dancing together bit.  Cam's reaction was great and the fact that he went along with it for the greater good was so cute!
-Joe making tomato basil pot pies.  OK now when people say that it seems more staged this year I think this is what they're talking about.  First of all it's pretty clear that the boys don't cook.  I know, we all know that Lisa doesn't use recipes at this point.  SOMEONE for the love of G-d write down her recipes??????  It was pretty clear that Joe followed the "suggestions" well.  I did love it when he asked Lisa to pick up the paper and show him where it said "heaping".  Go Joe!  One of his more human moments. 
-Dan working for the radio station.  OK, so Dan isn't a partner so he needs to get a job in the winter BUT he still has to the the farm chores like the pigs?  Is he getting paid for that?  Once more it seems like Dan was getting the short end.  The radio thing was fun but personally I don't see Dan doing that for any amount of time.  I wonder if they'll show anymore jobs Dan tries.  He loved construction so why doesn't he go back to that?
-The boys went shooting to celebrate John's senior year.  I love the joking that they all seem to have with each other.  Pete's gun was misfiring so the co owner of the range loaned him one of his with the words that it'd never missed a bird.  It stayed true to form and Pete was back in the game.  Tim immediately wanted to trade.  Is that a brother thing?  There was also some discussion between Sam and John about whether John was going to go on to college.  Sam said something about John being a smart guy so that would be a good idea.  Those kids seem to downplay their intelligence a lot.  It's so sad.

So there you have it.  My recap on this weeks episode.  What did you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi its renee again ....I posted on another one with anonymous and explained why can't seem to get an account set up yet....anyway said the boys don't cook ....BUT ....Tim in 2 shows ...he made breakfast for the family one time and apple pie helping lisa at the bakery one time etc ...anyway just FYI info for ya :)

Sarah said...

OK- Tim does cook. Just not happily. Remember that one of those peach pies wound up on the floor! :)