Sunday, February 9, 2014

Leno's farewell

OK...another TV recap.  Gotta do it.  It still rubs me the wrong way that yet once again NBC has shown Jay Leno the door.  The man had awesome ratings on a regular basis.  Why mess with a good thing?  The Tonight Show has always been the late night show of choice.  Kimmel coming on the scene didn't change that.  Since I'm a part of that coveted 18-49 year old key TV demographics (and am for many years to come) I've got to think I'm not the only one who thinks that once again NBC has blown it.  I was thrilled when Conan flopped on his a$$.  He deserved it after the way he orchestrated taking over the Tonight Show.  Leno then came back and stayed on top for 4 years.  I'm not anti-Fallon.  He's a funny guy.  He just isn't Leno.  Leno is funny and doing well....why are they messing with things?   I won't even go into how I have NO intention of even checking out Seth Meyer.

As far as Leno's farewell show- it was great and he handled himself beautifully!  Billy Crystal was his first guest when he came on as a host 22 years ago so it was full circle.  Crystal is funny and did a great job.  The Von Trapp family spoof was hysterical.  I mean laugh out loud funny. If you haven't seen it check it out below.  It starts around the 3 minute mark.

Now admit it- you laughed didn't you?!!? The musical guest was Garth Brooks. The first song he played was The Dance which apparently was a personal request from Jay Leno. Then Jay wrapped things up and said his thank yous and good byes. It was so sad. You can see that below:

It is so very apparent that the man truly loves what he did and he did a damn fine job of it. Shame on you NBC!

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After Jay got done thanking the audience and truly being a class act guy all the way (including wishing Jimmy Fallon good luck and encouraging the audience to watch him) Garth Brooks wrapped it up with a performance of Friends in Low Places.

 I guess this whole thing bugs me so much because we live in a world were doing a good job- being the top rated doesn't matter. Being loyal doesn't matter. It just rubs me the wrong way.


Leigh said...

You know, my grandparents used to watch Johnny Carson. They loved the show. I think the Tonight Show is one of the few that maintained the same quality when Jay Leno became the new host. Late night TV won't be the same without him.

Sarah said...

My dad has been watching the show forever. I have vague memories of Johnny Carson. Leno certainly carried the torch valiantly. I just hate that once again NBC booted him and clearly because they want a younger host. You're exactly right, late night will not be the same. Personally I really don't plan on watching. I guess I'll just wait until Craig Ferguson is on if I need a late night show! I've always been a sucker for an Scottish brogue.