Friday, February 21, 2014

So ready to dig in some dirt and play!

Ok I know a few posts back I said that I would try not to hurry time.  30 lashes with a wet noodle!  The the sun has been shining and I want to get in the garden.  Ok, I'd settle for starting seeds but my family swears that never again will there be seed starting in this house.  I think they have a very bad attitude!   I was at the mechanics again today and had to kill a couple of hours.  The fuel tank is fixed but the gauge is dead than a doornail.  So I sat there with a copy of Hobby Farm Home, Country Sampler and another gardening magazine that I'm just blanking on the title.  I finished the Hobby Farm Home while I was there.  It had a great article on making your own seed blocks.  I so could do that.  I'm really thinking I need to get a bit diabolical here and take over the workroom in the basement.  It's just basically storage and has a few banks of lights that would be great for seed starts.  I'm one of those people that more often than not works under the theory of its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.  I'm pretty sure I could pack up what is on the work tables down there and set up a dandy little seed starting set up complete with lights and timers before anyone was on to me.  Can you imagine.  I'd be able to grow my own tomato starts!  I plant between 3 & 4 dozen tomatoes every year.  That gets expensive!  I could also start some squash, zucchini & pumpkins.  Then there are all the options for flowers.  Go me!!!!  I could save a ton of money!  Again- go me!!!  What about the herbs!  I've never had a lot of luck with herbs from seeds but hey I can try it again!

While I was down there I also showed Frank (guy who owns the garage) this sweet little strawberry pyramid.  Frank is one of those people who knows everyone in town and if you need someone or something and don't know where to find it Frank is the guy!
So I showed him this beauty:  photo blogstrawberrypyramid_zps685de6c4.jpg 

and asked him who could make it. He knew right away and printed out the directions and picture (you can find it HEREI know it can't be cheap since it will have to be built with cedar.  That said how cheap are organic strawberries?  So I figure I can have this built and get some strawberry plants that will produce for a couple of years and it might actually be a cost saver in the long run!  Princess Bear (PB) could happily eat her body weight in strawberries without me thinking about going bankrupt.  There would probably even be enough to slice & dehydrate.  I'm so on board with this.  Now I just need to get some organic blueberry plants, raspberry bushes and a few apple trees that actually produce & I'll be in good shape!  


Shell Adkins said...

Oh my goodness, never seen a strawberry pyramid before, but how cool is that! And I totally agree with you, I'm so ready to play in the dirt.

Leigh said...

It's so cute! I agree, growing your own will be a much better deal in the long run.

Terry and Linda said...

I hope to start next week. We will still see Spring, Winter, Spring, but I can at least get outside!


Sarah said...

I shared another strawberry pyramid on Feb 24 if you want to take a look. All I know is that I could grow a TON of strawberries and blueberries and Princess Bear would eat every last one!!! At least if I grow it I know what is or isn't on it!