Friday, February 7, 2014

Farm Kings Season 3 Episode 8

Another great episode!  Everyone played nicely, no one needed to be slapped upside the head.  Win win win!  I also found myself laughing out loud several times.  Lots of little mini stories this week.  Let’s start with the bomb shelter.
-OK….first of all other than being claustrophobic is there a reason that Pete would rather take on the zombies rather than being a in a cargo container with his family?  Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one laughing about that?  It’s so funny when I see the King family doing stuff that I’ve talked to my family about doing.  Cargo shelter cold storage= good planning!  Tim was exactly right when he said hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  Sounds like solid planning to me!  Also using it as cold storage is a great idea.  Perhaps I’m just jealous because I’d give my eyeteeth to have a cold storage area like that.  Anyway watching the boys go about this project was entertaining as always.  At least things didn’t go horribly awry this time.  It was too funny listening to Pete harangue about knocking out the wall.  The farmhouse is part of Lisa’s divorce settlement and obviously has been in the family for a long time.  Nobody wants Pete to cry!  Just listening to Pete fret was funny.  “Don’t like it.  Put it back!”  Loved it!  Who hasn’t done something that they knew would have their parents or grandparents rolling in their grave?   At least the house didn’t have any major structural damage!  The best part of the whole bomb shelter prep was listening to Pete explain how they get the younger boys to do their dirty work.  WooHooo! Having fun now!  Wanna play?  Ah, the advantages of being older!  Of course things couldn’t be totally smooth sailing and Tim had to take out the corner of the house when filling in the dirt around the container.  Ooops!   As I said I think the planning ahead the Kings are doing is a good thing.  There is huge peace of mind knowing that if things even hit the fan that you can take care of you and yours. 

The family getting involved in collecting food for the less fortunate was great.  One of the things Lisa has obviously done is teach her children the gift of giving to less fortunate and being thankful for their own blessings.  They always seem to be very willing to share their good fortune.  Kudos to Lisa on that front.  This week the Kings decided to collect food for a local food bank.  They really pulled Ben and his friend Alex into this project since they’ve received so much through Special Olympics.  I love that they are fostering this in Ben (and Alex).  So Bitty set about to decorate collection boxes with the help of Lily, Ben and Alex.  Then Lisa had the boys help in the kitchen getting some foods ready to can.  They didn’t just stop there.  They also helped serve food to the less fortunate.  Go King Family! 

They also sold Christmas trees again this year.  Not sure why from a money stand point since they obviously haven’t come out ahead in this venture in previous years.  The back and forth between Sam & Dan was fun to watch.  Who else liked it when Sam nominated Dan to stand in the middle of the street to create a detour?!!!?  Sam seems to really be growing into his role as a big contributor.  I loved Dan’s idea to dress up as Santa to try to attract more customers.  They didn’t say how they wound up making out for the year overall.  

I think my favorite scene in the whole episode was the closing when the whole family was checking out the bomb shelter.  I love that it was even “decorated”.  Did anyone else catch the skull in the background among the crates holding the canned food?  I also loved that Dan brought a tree to liven up the place.  Too cute!  It was great when Lisa asked about the bathroom.  Lisa- the zombies are coming!  Use your bucket and be happy!   Although I will say her idea of using another storage container to make it bigger wasn’t a horrible idea.  Somehow I don’t see the boys going for that.  Maybe next they’ll try making a storage container home for some of the younger boys. 

So what did you think of this week’s episode?  What was your favorite part? 


Anonymous said...

Its Renee ....I loved the show always... for sure at the end where it showed Tim with his hair all the way down for a change love it! We have always wanted to make our own ammo also ...maybe we should try it. I just so hate the fax it was the season finally ...I mean there where only 8 shows and the other 2 seasons there were 12 or 13 shows in each season I don't understand why such a short season ....I wonder just how long we will have to wait for the next one? Keep us informed on any info of Tim n Maggie's babys birth or anytw else since you get the inside scoop sometimes lol :)

Sarah said...

I thought it was a great episode, too. I would LOVE to live off the grid, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. At one point, when they were knocking the wall out for the storage unit, I thought that house was going to come down on their heads. I definitely felt Pete's anxiety.

Sarah said...

Renee- is it the end of the season or just a break? They did that at the beginning of season 2 (If I remember correctly which this morning there is NO guarantee!) I was liking Tim's hair down as well. I just want to know how his hair grows so fast! :) If anyone drops the dime on the baby's sex I'll be share to share it!!!

Sarah said...

Sarah- Living off the grid has to be such a peace of mind feeling. They already have the ability to make and or process their own food. Next to generate their own power and they'll be good to go. I keep on looking at the political climate and thinking that whenever you can do for yourself rather than count on the government in any way you're much better off. I like Tim's way of thinking "Hope for the best but prepare for the worse" It's not like having food put by will go to waste, right? I was definitely feeling Pete's anxiety. Can you imagine what would have happened if the house starting failing structurally? OMG!

Sarah said...

Renee there was a hiatus between episodes 4 & 5 in season 2 that was a couple of months long. I'm hoping thats what is happening here.

Hope Purdue said...

Hi Sarah, it's Hope.
I have been a FK fan from Day 1, but I don't find myself overly giddy or as excited about Thursday nights anymore. Everything just seems so staged & ridiculous. Yes, it's entertaining I suppose, but it just doesn't seem genuine. The first season was so good...raw & real. They didn't seem to have two nickels to rub together & had to make things work. Now, they're spending money like crazy...but to what end? To entertain viewers? The cheap-ass in me wants them to save that money &/or spend it on things that matter...upgrades for their livestock, more greenhouses (above ground & below), equipment to make farming more efficient...
Anyway...getting off my soapbox, lol!
Tim & Sam have always been my fav, but I'm really taking notice of PB's crush Pete this season. He has a natural wit & sincerity about him. I agree with you...he puts himself down way too much.
As always, from day 1, Joe gets on my last nerve! It's to the point that I groan every time I see his face or hear his voice. This episode was delightful!! Joe & Lisa should go on a long vaca together & let the crew film while they're gone. I know, that's harsh...just saying :) It's family...whatcha gonna do?
Certainly hope you all feel better soon. I think spring (even though filled with pollen) will help us all get out of the Arctic Slump we're in. Supposed to have temps around 37 degrees later this week!! WooHoo, I'll break out my t-shirts! I'll, of course, be one of the assholes complaining about the summer heat in a few months though :)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Its Renee....Yes I know but was around the time Tim was pretty sick remember and besides they kept calling it the season finally ....but which ever it was I just hope we don't have to wait long for the new season or for the break to be over! So for me I guess its time for me to start at the first show and watch re-runs ....I have them all on DVR lol

Sarah said...

Hope I read your comment and found myself nodding my head in agreement and chuckling. Gotta say I agree with you on EVERYTHING!!! I still like the show but you're right the feeling of fight has gone out of it. Bonnie another frequent commenter has been talking about the staged feeling for awhile. I understand that any show like this has to be staged to an extent but they've really been doing way too much of it. My only hope is that when they return it is without the narrator, without as much staging and covers more of the daily life and trials and tribulations. That's what made the family seem so awesome. They had each others backs and were going to do whatever it took. It doesn't have that feel anymore. Tim is still my favorite but now I can look at almost all of them and find things that I really like in (almost) all of them. If it was just on looks alone I'd still say Tim but only by a smidge...Pete (& listening to PB) has rubbed off on me. He is without a doubt a very good looking man. I love his sense of humor. I love Dan's sense of adventure. He seems like he wants to try new things and experience life. I love Sam's sense of family and duty. He seems like such a hard worker and cares about what he does. Bitty seems to care so much about the world around her. I think she has a beautiful soul and sees the beauty in life around her. Joe although he makes me completely crazy way more often than not has such a deep sense of family and drive for success. As far as spending money they definitely do seem to be doing a lot of that and some isn't even covered too much in the show but you read blurbs here and there. If they are doing that much better I'm thrilled for them. I just hope they aren't over extended. This economy sucks and I don't see it getting better anytime soon.

Thanks for your well wishes! I really hope we feel better soon too! PB is going to try a full day at school tomorrow. I'm off to the Dr for what I'm sure will be another round of antibiotics. Although spring brings allergies I think I'll take that just so I can get outside and experience some sunshine and get some vitamin D!!! I laughed because as sick as I am of winter I know I'll be hating life when it's 98* and 80% humidity! I guess that's why there is spring and early summer- so you can experience Mother Nature at her finest!

Sarah said...

Renee- Gotta love having them all DVRd! Whenever PB has a day off school we always watch a few episodes. I really do wish that Stage 3 would release them on DVD though. Can you imagine how much space would be cleared up on our DVRs if we could delete 32 or 33 hours??? lol I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a short break. I'm surprised that GAC is doing this weekly contest when it isn't new episodes. They can't be getting that much advertising money on reruns.