Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poor Princess Bear

The ick in our house is still running rampant and Princess Bear just isn't feeling well.  I made an appointment with the pediatrician because her cough was starting to sound croup-y.  The Dr. said he lungs wheezy and he wasn't happy with her cough.  He's put her on Prednisone, a new inhaler and ordered a cough medicine so she can get some sleep.  He also sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic in case we need it over the weekend.  He's relatively sure that she's coming down with a  secondary infection.  This is what my baby girl looked like when the Farm Kings were on tonight:

 photo blogsleepykier_zpsa6054f33.jpg I also decided it was WAY past time for her bangs to be trimmed so I took care of that when she woke up. She did wake up for the last 20 minutes of the Farm Kings. I think we'll be checking that out tomorrow. I was going through some things last night and remembered this video that PB was in for Easter Seals. Can you recognize her? She was so itty bitty when she did this video for them! I can barely watch it without crying. It just reminds me how far she's come and how much farther she's going to go. I think back to those Doctors that told me shortly after she was born that she'd never be independent and live on her own. The kid is so independent it scares me! She's going to do just fine in this world! 

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