Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh the places you'll go.....

Ok, I started thinking about my bucket list of vacations awhile ago.  Then my friend Jen from Jen on the Edge went on an amazing vacation visiting several countries in Europe.  This made me ponder my bucket list some more.  It's always kind of interesting to ponder where you'd go if you could go anywhere.  Also I think who you're traveling with has a lot to do with where you want to go. It reminds me of the questionnaires on Facebook....where would you go if you could go anywhere.  Am I going with friends and having  a girls only trip?  Is this a trip with Princess Bear (PB).  If so its it an educational trip or a fun trip with her.  Is this a trip with a significant other.  Is there a purpose of said trip or is it simply a get away.  So many options!!!!  I'm going to do a different post that really covers my bucket list but just for giggles let's just do some what if options!  It's cold and snowy in Illinois right now so this seems like a pleasant diversion!

If I was going somewhere with my girlfriends where would I go:
Australia.  Hands down.  I love Australian men.  When I worked up at Great Lakes there would be visiting Australian sailors periodically.  I loved to party with those guys.  The accent gets me each and every time!  SO if I was looking for a fun time with my girls friends we'd be heading to the land down under!

If I was going somewhere for an educational trip with PB I would take her to:
Washington DC and Annapolis MD.  Washington DC is such an amazing city with so much history.  Each child needs to go there at least once.  So many museums!  Mason took Faolan there this summer and each night I was texting him to get updates on how the day had gone and what they were doing the next day.  Faolan sent me a text of the Hope Diamond.  I love that kid!  The Smithsonian is amazing, the National Zoo is awesome!  The White House and Library of Congress were impressive.  The Holocaust Museum was built since my last trip there.  It's not that I necessarily want to go there but understand that I have to go there.  So, DC is #1 for educational trips with PB.

If I was going somewhere to just have fun with PB I would take her to:
Disney World.  I'm a Disney junkie.  I especially love being there at Christmas time.  They really know how to do the holidays.  As it turns out my parents have decided that we're going to take a family trip to Disney this December.  PB is already beyond herself with anticipation.  We're driving so I'm hoping we can stop in Clearwater Beach to visit Winter because PB LOVES the movie A Dolphin Tale.  I guess if  money was not an object I'd throw in a Disney Cruise just for fun!
There are tons of other places I really want to go to: England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, and Lithuania.  There are tons of places I'd like to visit stateside.  I want to go to Custer National Park when the bison are brought in for the fall.  I'd love to do the Laura Ingalls Wilder vacation where you follow the route she traveled with her family.  I'd love to try to shop my way through the Mall of America!  I want to visit Bronners because Christmas decorating is such a big deal for my family.  I want to go to Baker Creek Seed for one of their festivals and since I'd be close I want to check out Branson. 

These are just a few of the places I'd like to visit.  For now it's just a dream but you've gotta have them!

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