Monday, January 13, 2014

Proud mommy

There are times Princess Bear (PB) amazes me.  The amount of caring in this little girl is just mind blowing.  Her desire to make me proud is amazing.  Her ability to take a lesson from one area in life to another is great.  Maybe not a big deal for every kiddo out there but definitely for PB.  We know that she has issues with the way she processes and retains information.  Just the way things are.  I'm not quite sure what they were talking about in Sunday school day but PB came out with some little slips of paper that were things she planned on doing to help out.  Tonight after she went to bed she came back out with a little basket that had several slips of paper in it.  Each slip was another way that PB was going to try to help out.  Some of them really awesome ideas. Some not so much.....not so big on letting her wash dishes yet!  Whenever she does something like this my heart just swells.  She's such a good little girl!  She tries so hard.  There is the base level of the fact that several years ago her teacher wanted to give up on trying to teach PB to write.  It wasn't a skill that she was picking up on quickly.  The teacher wanted to focus on typing skills.  A useful skill set to be sure but not at the cost of learning how to write.  I absolutely love it when PB writes things down!  She does is often and with gay abandon and she loves that freedom it gives her.  I'm so glad that I fought the teacher back then!  Here are the notes that PB gave me tonight.  How freaking cute is my kid???? G-d I love this child and I'm so proud of her! She continues to amaze!  Go Princess Bear!

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