Friday, January 3, 2014

Farm Kings Season 3 episode 3

I have to say that I like this episode the most of the three this season.  Perhaps because several different members of the family were shown in a wonderful light.  Of course the narrator still sucks it big time.  People are still complaining on the GAC website.  I wonder when they are going to get a clue and get rid of him.   Listening to him just grates on my nerves!

The part of Pete taking Jilly to her violin lesson was beyond adorable.  It's obviously he tries to spend time with her when he can and takes a real interest in what she's doing.  The pride he has in her and his love for her is evident.  This isn't always something you expect from somebody that became a father at such a young age.  Having a child in high school I'm sure is never easy but it seems like Pete and Jessi have done a great job.

The part about keeping Ben in shape was endearing.  I had not realized that individuals with Down Syndrome had issues with hypothyroidism as Bitty talked about but was aware that they often have heart problems.  It's wonderful that the family is trying to be proactive in keeping Ben as healthy as possible.  Watching Paul work out with him was heartwarming.  The whole family really does rally together and put Ben's best interests at heart.  No disputing that!

The Freedom Farms weight loss challenge was interesting to watch.  It was a great concept in that there was community outreach and it featured Freedom Farm products.  In theory eating fresh produce should help lead to a healthy lifestyle and weight.  The part where Lisa was supposed to be showing the group how to eat was a complete failure.  Lisa seems to never prepare for things and just shoots from the hip.  She had both feet in her mouth and kept on going.  She needed to have an outline of ideas to cover as a guide.  While the program overall was a success you had to feel sorry for Joe.  One has to wonder about the validity of Joe and Ben entering anyway but beyond that how much did it suck that Joe was the only one who gained weight?  What in the world is Heather feeding him?  It is sad that Joe admits he doesn't have enough time with his kids.  He's never going to get that time back.

I was absolutely cracking up during the greenhouse segments.  For once I actually felt bad for Lisa.  Anytime the boys do a project for her they always have her best interests at heart but things seem to never go quite as well as one would hope.  I did love Lisa pointed out them smashing her flowers is the same as if she went on stepped on their tomatoes.  The boys don't seem to look at it that way though.  Also why does Lisa mention changes she wants to make right away?  It makes her seem ungrateful for what they have done.  Graciousness does not seem to be Lisa's strong suit.

Ben as the water boy was again putting a very human face to special needs so I particularly liked that part.  Watching him talking to the girls was too cute too.  I also love that they are airing Special Olympics commercials during the show again.

So what did you think of this weeks episode?


Tonja Hyder said...

Great episode, I love all of your comments and agree completely. I absolutely adore Farm Kings. I am really new to the fan base, but Lou July have caught up very quickly.
The question that I had is who is the man that is sitting with Lisa in the stands at the football game.

Sarah said...

Hi Tonja! Thanks for checking out the blog! The man Lisa it sitting with is her boyfriend. He was the previous owner of Boldy's Bakery which is the Bakery the Kings bought and have renamed. For the life of me I can't remember his name! I guess PB & I will have check it out tomorrow since I remember exactly what episode he's introduced in. I'll try to remember to post it in here. They actually hadn't shown any scenes with him in it lately so I had been wondering if he and Lisa were still together.

Tonja said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for responding so quickly. That is awesome, I didn't know Lisa had a beau. Like I said I am a really new fan, I only discovered it when they announced the new season. Luckily they have played a lot of past episodes that have helped me to piece things together. Great program, so strong with family values. Can't get enough of this family. Thanks again!!!

Sarah said...

I'm not always so fast on replies but I live in Central Illinois where we're having extremely cold weather and we're going to get several inches of snow in the next 24 hours. So I've been hanging online, drinking tea and trying to stay warm and out of trouble! I have watched the show from the first episode and loved it right away. My daughter is completely head over heels in love with it so now it's a family thing for us. She's completely in love with Pete. I'm torn as to whether I think she has good taste in men (although I'm a Tim fan as far as looks go) or horrified that my 10 year old is oogling a tall, blonde, dreadlocked father! We have every episode DVRd and I'm really hoping that they release them on DVD soon because it's filling up the DVR! They do marathons every once in awhile. Usually near the beginning or end of a season or around a holiday. The family is incredible in their work ethics and values. I never have to worry about what my daughter will take away from the show.