Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cranio kids are so amazing

OK, I know I'm partial since I'm a mom to a cranio kid (kids that are born with cranio facial anomalies such as cleft lip/palate or craniosynostosis).  These kids walk through the fires of hell and keep on smiling.  Princess Bear noticed some of the scars on her head the other day the way she was wearing her hair and asked.  I explained it was the scars from her surgery when she was a baby.  She literally has a scar from ear to ear in a zig zag pattern (the zig zag helps when it's windy or wet that the hair doesn't split right across the scar line and look odd).  She just took it with a grain of salt and went on her merry little way.  It made me reminisce on the entire experience.  There is no way to describe what it's like to have your child so swollen from surgery that your child is completely unrecognizable to you.  I honestly didn't know that a person could swell that much.

 When I heard that Mia Robertson of the Duck Dynasty clan had surgery the other day for her cleft lip and palate part of me wanted to bawl because I know how much that little girl has to be hurting now.  I can relate to what Missy & Jase Robertson are feeling holding vigil by their daughters bedside.  Any parent would rather experience pain than let their child if it were possible.  It is so hard to have faith in G-d and the surgeons and know that while what your doing is completely necessary and know that your child is going to be in severe pain.

I'm sure you're reading this post asking yourself "What in the bloody he$$ is this woman babbling about?" and I kind of am but if you've made it this far just say a couple of prayers for Mia that she has a fast, uncomplicated recovery.  Say a few prayers for her parents because it is rough watching your child hurt and it can't be easy trying to keep a child on a liquid diet for 3 months.

I love this picture of Mia surrounded by so many of her loved ones prior to surgery here:
 photo miarobertson_zpsa351abe5.jpg

Even more though I love this pic of Mia flashing a thumbs up after surgery.  Really I can't tell you how amazing these kids are!  Go Mia!

 photo mia-robertson-after-surgery_zps3a1f94fc.jpg

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