Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ick and the icky SotU

Well, the ick that Princess Bear (PB) had is working it's way through house at a rapid clip.  I was at the Dr. yesterday because whatever it is has really compromised my lungs and triggered my asthma so I'm now on my 3rd or 4th round of prednisone since the week before Thanksgiving.  It's truly evil stuff but it does work.  I'm not a wheezing orchestra.  I did wake up running a 102.4* temp this morning.  So not a happy camper.  I've been doing the alternate advil and tylenol every 3 hours and now am in a normal range.  I am more than willing to let  a temp run it's course- to a certain extent.  102* is past what I'm willing to deal with.  My parents are both coughing like made which is how PB & I both started this.  Fun and games.  I also had a bunch of appointments this week that I had to cancel.  The pulmonary function test that is pretty dang important in the scheme of getting my asthma under better control is off until at least March.  My Dr said there is no way my lungs are going to be ok for at least 3 weeks.  I love it when the Dr. is so positive- NOT!  Fortunately I love my Dr.  The office was deader than all get out since we're once again having artic temps here in the midwest.  Any appointment that weren't completely necessary cancelled. Therefore Dr. Adams and I sat there discussing gardening.  He's a pretty big gardener too.  He asked if I'd ever used seeds from Seed Savers in Iowa.  I told him where he could get them locally to avoid shipping.  I also told him where I'm getting some blueberry bushes this year.  The sell the bushes at 3 years of age so you get berries the first year.  I'm so not big in the patience department!  So, PB and I have been holding down things by just trying to get rest and play it low key.  I've been tearing through magazines and most of a book.  PB is having a ball playing her leap pad and watching TV.  She's not going to be well enough to go back to school tomorrow so I do think I'll have to declare at least 1/2 the day a technology free time.  Here's a pic of PB hanging with her leap pad

 photo kierleappad_zps0c0f94aa.jpg

Now let's get political for a few minutes.  Tonight is the State of the Union Address.  For anyone that has been reading my blog for awhile it's no secret that I do not like Barak Obama and have zero, nil, nada respect for the man.  He has no respect for our Constitution so he's unworthy of my respect.  His comment about just needed his phone and pen to change things a few weeks ago just proves how arrogant this man is.  He has no respect for the law of the land or the Constitution.  Why he hasn't been impeached yet I really don't understand.  I did like it that Boehner reminded him that the country does in fact have a Constitution.  You can read about it HERE.  I'm also not a huge Boehner fan but for once it seems like he has reached down, grabbed a pair and manned up so I'll give him props on that.  In all honesty I can't say I'm a fan of the SOTU under most Presidents.  It's been turned into a dog and pony show with who is having what guest and what it stands for.  Who stands and applauds and what time.  Who bucks there party and stands and applauds although there party doesn't really support whatever it is.  Under the best of circumstance I find the SOTU hard to watch.  Under this President I find it almost virtually impossible.  Unless it's going to be a drinking game (take a shot every time the Idiot in Chief says immigration reform!) or something to that effect I just can't handle it.  My parents who are pretty in line with my feelings on this President will watch the SOTU.  More power to them.  I just don't want to have my blood pressure go that high.  So will you be watching the SOTU tonight? 


Leigh said...

I cannot watch (or rather listen since we have no TV) to SOTU. It all boils down to "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." I cannot say anything nice about our gov at the moment. It seems it's all been taken out of the hands of the people anyway. They do whatever they want, regardless of what we want. Why upset myself with so called SOTU nonsense?

Sorry to hear you struggle with asthma. My son does too and we were always on a merry-go-round of medications. I kept eucalyptus essential oil handy for steam treatments (the old head under the towel trick) when nothing else would work.

Sarah said...

Leigh- I was just thinking I needed to try a good steam. I also have eucalyptus shower steamers so I might try that tonight as well. This whole lung thing is more out of control than ever and it's getting a bit scary.

I did not wind up watching the SOTU. PB was watching a movie and wanted company. You're absolutely correct in your assessment that the do what they want regardless of what the people want. I honestly don't understand how this president hasn't been impeached.

Thanks again for reminding me about eucalyptus! Oh- where in IL did you grow up?

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah! Feeling sick is the worst and especially when you also have a sick child to care for. I hope you feel better by tomorrow. You have Farm Kings to blog about! I agree with everything you said about the SOTU. He tells so many lies I just can't stand to see him start to open his mouth. I hope you and PB feel better and stay warm!

Sarah said...

Thanks Sarah! Oh- I did go rewatch last weeks episode and Tim sure was rockin' his ring! Good for him! I'm sure we'll be well enough to watch tomorrow nights episode! :)