Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm going to go completely gray trying to dress my kid appropriately!

Yesterday Princess Bear (PB) discovered that I have gray hair.  Not a ton but more than a couple but for whatever reason she found it hilarious and decided that made me a grandma.  Not sure about the correlation there but she was having a ball yucking it up.  I was nice and didn't mention that I had nary a gray hair until having her.  I'm sure that parenthood brings its own batches of gray hair and PB's thrown some zingers my way so I figure they're all deserved.  The gray is going to be coming on fast if I can't figure out a way to dress my daughter so she looks like the little girl she is and not a freaking hooker wanna be.  Scoff now.  If you're not there yet your day will come!  :)  The biggest problem is that PB is VERY tall for her age.  She's all of 10 1/2 years old and is 5'4".  She weighs around a 112 pounds so its not that she's a huge kid.  She's not she's just insanely tall and she's very long in the truck and legs which makes dressing her harder.  She's always got to wear 2 piece swim suits because 1 piece suits ride up her buns since her trunk is so long.  Add to the fact that she's pretty modest it is hard finding a 2 piece swim suit that covers a lot!  At this point because she needs the length in things she is wearing juniors size clothing.  Have y'all checked out any junior size clothing lately?  This shit is going to kill me!  I'm not lying.  None of this is ok for a 10 year old!  Take a peek! 

Take a peek at Lulu's HERE  and HERE While it is cute stuff not what I want my 10 year old rocking.  You  can instantly take out anything cropped or with cutouts and it doesn't leave much.

Wet Seal does a bit better as far cold weather shirts.  These might actually make appearances in her wardrobe next winter:

  photo wetseal1_zpscbf73a94.jpg

  photo wetseal2_zpsa88ca41b.jpg

Warm weather is obviously going to be a challenge.  PB saw this and knows that her cousins love Spider man so she asked if she could have this:

  photo wetseal3_zpsfe178bc3.jpg
Um, let me think about this for a!!!!

Wet Seal goes way down hill when you take a peek at dresses.  PB loves maxi dresses and they work well on her.  Somehow I don't see any of these showing up in her wardrobe anytime soon.  Go HERE and let me know what you think.

So what am I missing?  Where in the bloody hell am I supposed to find age appropriate clothing for my very tall 10 year old?  I'm open to any suggestions.

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