Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've got to say that I'm really sick of winter already!

We are experiencing some really nasty weather here in Central Illinois right now.  The local school district has actually already cancelled school for tomorrow.  A very good thing since they're usually idiots about when it's a good idea to cancel.  Last Thursday it was -20* wind chill and the kids still had school.  I wasn't a happy mom.  Tomorrow they are calling for wind chill temperature between -25* and -35*  and a few inches of snow.  To add to the barrel of laughs Princess Bear (PB) is sick.  She started coughing and saying her chest hurt yesterday.  Around 3am her temp went to 102.9*.  We've been doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and it still sounds like the child is going to cough up a lung any second.  Of course it's been awhile since she was sick and I had no organic lemons on hand to make cough syrup.

My dad & I went to 9 am mass where our family friend, the Green Bay Packers fan, tried talking some football smack.  Seems to me that the Packers only went 1 game farther than the Bears.  They also lost having home field advantage to a  California team.  Mr. Gray mentioned that he thought he'd buy PB a Packers hat.  Every time I even think about that I laugh.  No way in bloody hell my daughter would wear anything promoting the Packers.  She'd have big fun destroying it though!  I realized at church today how incredibly lucky we are to have such an awesome director of religious education.  She is so incredible with the special needs kids in the parish.  She worked so closely with PB to make her first confession and Holy Communion.  Every week the they have a child that is preparing for their First Communion take up the offering gifts with their family.  This week it was a little guy that is another special needs kiddo and confined to a wheelchair.  No stopping him!  He just rolled up there.  I love that she tries to make these kids feel as normal as possible and make religion accessible to them!

After church I was sent to Steak n Shake to slay the breakfast dragon since no one was highly motivated enough to make breakfast.  I then headed to Kroger for organic lemons and more honey.  It really does help soothe a sour throat and at this point I'll take anything that helps PB.  She is not always the best sicky and is very very whiny at the moment.  Anything that helps ease how miserable she's feeling I'm ok with! Now it's time to curl up with the newest issue of MaryJane's Farm and a mug of hot tea.  Hopefully this cold streak and PB's illness disappear very quickly!


BonnieN said...

Aw PB, so sorry to hear y0u are ill, here is a link that says Apple Cider Vinegar helps a sore throat
We use Feel Better Bears, lollipops made by Benedayl I think it is, at the drug store,or throat lozenges,or throat spray Cepacol. Feel better soon!

Sarah said...

Thanks Bonnie! I'll see if she'll try apple cider vinegar. I have tons of Braggs on hand. We can't do the spray b/c she had an allergic reaction to it a few years ago. We have an epipen for her now but you still have to go to the ER. I'm going to do my very best to not exit this house for the next 48 hours until the weather is better! PB asked if we could go to Starbucks tomorrow. Um....NO! lol I'll have to see if I can find Feel Better Bears. Thanks again!

Leigh said...

Bears fan here. Well, actually a true blue Cubbies fan; can you guess I grew up in Illinois, LOL.

I second your vote about winter. I shouldn't complain because all of you farther north have it worse. But our house is so poorly insulated that we're always freezing unless standing next to one of the wood stoves.

Sarah said...

Leigh- where did you grow up in IL? We're in Peoria but both my parents were Chicago kids. My dad is a true blue Cubbie fan as well. PB has tons of Cubs t-shirts. She says she has to keep up with her cousins. My dad took PB to Wrigley for the first time when she was 2.5 weeks old! We were in Chicago to consult with the Dr's at Childrens Memorial and he had to take her by Wrigley. It was too cute. He would have liked if I named her Addison as a tip of the hat to Wrigley. He would have liked it if my oldest nephew was named Devin. Tyler was born in the middle of one of Devin Hesters hottest seasons. Sports pretty much reign in this house and it's Chicago all the way! I will admit that I'm a bigger football fan than baseball but there is something incredible about sitting at Wrigley watching the ivy blow in the wind and hearing the crack of the bat!

The weather here is crazy. We have one of the old fashion solid garage doors and the wind was so bad it actually was shaking the garage door. So far the snow was pretty insignificant but between the wind and the temps I'm not leaving the house!

Try to keep warm! Thanks for stopping by the blog again!

BonnieN said...
I got the name slightly off but here they are, they last a good half hour,so beofre they eat works well!
Feel better PB!!

Sarah said...

thanks Bonnie. I'm going to head to the drugstore in a few minutes so I'll check there. She's doing a lot better but her throat is still really bothering her.