Monday, January 20, 2014

Breaking Farm King News!

Ok....I know 30 lashes with a wet noodle.  I haven't done a rundown on last weeks episode.  Lots going on here and frankly it wasn't a very exciting episode (imho at least).  Anyway, I did have some news but wanted to wait until it was verified.  Which is was twice today!  Wanna hint?

 photo fa4b2416-77d4-481b-8ce2-97becd36a29b_zps1f468b22.jpg

Have you figured it out yet???!!!!???

Uh???? Have you?????

OK....maybe this will put it out there better!

 photo 82121aff-8dad-47c5-b33d-096c97d1a87f_zps418e61ff.jpg

Yep!  Less than 3 months after wedding bells for Tim and Maggie they're getting ready to welcome a little one!  I think I did predict this right????  Nothing like giving yourself some time to ease into married life and enjoy it.  Regardless, this little farmer is already in the oven so lets raise a glass.  Just make sure it's sparkling cider for Maggie!  Congrats!


Anonymous said...

how in the world did you figure that out?!

Sarah said...

OK....we all know how I feel about Anonymous comments. Grow up! How I found out is completely not relevant. It was shared by multiple sources. said...

Hi Sarah,

I see that you are very proud of your blog and sharing info about a family that you have never met. Life is too short to dwell on the lives of people that you do not know, as well as to pry into and display their business.

Live your own life, Sarah, and you are sure to become a more complete and happy person. Your life is real. and has no connection to the King family.

Mary Slattery

Sarah said...

Mary- let’s see. My blog, MY opinion and MY option to write as I wish on what I wish. YOUR right not to read it. As far as how I should live a more complete life, bless your little heart. What would I have done without your advice? Seriously, bless your little heart for being so overly qualified in how I should live my life that you just have to spread your knowledge and setting me straight. Dear Abby has nothing on you when it comes to unsolicited advice. Thank you for setting me straight! I've been misinformed all these years. How did I ever survive without your wisdom?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah my name is Renee ...I only am so called anonymous cause I have tried to site up in your bog and Google is having me a hard time....I like reading your post for sure the ones about our fav family the Kings and yes Tim is my FSV also lol...
I found out from you about his engagement and wedding and now baby on the way WOW ! I wish I knew how you found out they are having a baby! I saw all the newspaper volumes on the wedding etc also. I've seen several pics of Maggie you had of her n Tim and am kind of surprised someone hasn't posted one on there freedom farms Facebook page for all to see her since everyone is constantly asking about her etc. I wish I could figure out how to get signed up with this blog stuff ...I'm am new at it and Google chrome is giving me a hard time ...any help would be great from you email is ....or any info on Tim and Maggie I would love to hear thanks! :) hope to here from you.

Sarah said...

Hi Renee! I don't mind anonymous when someone includes their name just like you did. I'm trying to get Princess Bear settled for the night. She's been out of school sick for a week and I'm trying to send her for a half day tomorrow. It'll take me a while to get her settled but then I'll try to help you with your Google Account. You'd be amazed how often I get information from people that know Maggie and decide to share information.