Saturday, January 11, 2014

Farm Kings Season 3 episode 4

Today Princess Bear (PB) did her very best to try to convince me to let her watch last night's Farm Kings episode before school this morning.  I was a mean mommy & sent her to bed last night and she was not happy about it!  Unfortunately, there was just no time this morning.  Has it worked out her grandparents had to pick her up from school today and I guess she was still in a funk because she hadn't seen it yet.  This somehow lead to her holding court on a Farm Kings watching party this evening with her grandparents and myself.  As always the King family delivered. 

I was absolutely rolling with laughter watching Sam & Paul on their bartering expedition at the Farmers/Flea Market.  How cute was it when Paul was trying on the boots and Sam was seeing where he's toes were?  Adorable I tell you!!!  Paul getting the taser was also hilarious!  I love his attitude with stuff like that.  I might be small but I'll get my punches in one way or another!  Tim and John were great when the other 2 boys were showing off their "treasures".  Again the taser thing had me howling with laughter.  How scene was adorable!

There were two different scenes with Bitty taking care of her niece and nephew and then 2 nieces.  You can tell that she is very comfortable with kids and rightfully so.  The best is how she really seems to enjoy them for the simplicity of childhood and celebrates that.  I think Bitty probably has a very kind, artistic, creative soul and tries to see the best in all things. 

Joe came up with a plan for a pick your own event at the Farm.  Brilliant.  Seriously!  They are all about getting people to understand their relationship and connection to the food they eat and this was a wonderful way to foster that relationship.  The only thing I didn't like is that they put Dan in charge because they had other things to do and Dan is such a natural with people.  It just seems like again Dan is the pick up the slack guy and gets no real appreciation.  Unfortunately Dan kind of did himself in by showing up late and not having a clear idea of the program when he did show up.  Dan is an unbelievably hard work and one helluva salesman.  He just can't make mistakes like showing up late if he wants his brothers to ever truly consider him as a partner.  The event seemed to work well except for the girl cutting herself but that wasn't due to a lack of preparation or any kind of oversight.  I bet that the Kings could feature more than one event a year like this. 

There was the wood carving demonstration that Joe set up as another way to get people to the Farm Market.  You have to give the guy points for always trying to find new ways to get people introduced to Freedom Farms.  The downside of it is how he always and I do mean ALWAYS tries to find a new way to make a buck regardless of the consequences.  This was one of those times that Joe kind of crossed a line in my mind.  Yes he was laughing about it and joking around but there was no real doubt that he would love it if Pete could turn his wood carving into a money maker.  I love Pete's honesty when he talks about not really knowing what he's doing or being unsure of himself.  It is just one more sign that Mama Lisa has done an incredible job raising her family.  They aren't afraid to admit their shortcomings or that they don't know how to do something.  Go Lisa.

Back to the bartering.  Frankly I think the boys hit upon a great idea when they started bartering.  There were things they needed and/or wanted.  They had the produce let the bartering commence!  Now did I miss John bartering for Jerry the goat?  How freaking hysterical was that?  Can't say I've ever seen anyone walk a goat before.  The conversation between John, Sam and Paul about combining their items to barter for something bigger was awesome!  Again I was sitting there just laughing!  It was cute that John didn't want to get rid of Jerry but agreed to go along with it. 

Side note:  I live 20 minutes from Morton Illinois which is the Pumpkin Capital of the World.  My sister, bil and nephews live there.  You can read more about this HERE.  The Pumpkin Festival is HUGE around here and Punkin Chuckin' is a big part of that.  So as they are cuing the segment for what the boys bartered for I'm asking my mom "Hey.....what do you think they got????" and laughing.  As soon as she saw the pumpkin chucker she started laughing.  I know it's a regional thing but flinging those pumpkins around is big fun I tell you!

So, enter Sam and the pumpkin chucker.  I love that he set up targets.  The family definitely knows how to have fun.  Except for poor old Lisa who's going to have to clean it up.  I loved when somebody asked what they had traded to get Luke. 

So, there you have my recap on this weeks episode.  Another good one to be sure.  If they would just get rid of the damn narrator! 

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