Friday, January 10, 2014

Life is precious and reality just sucks sometimes

I'm sure you've heard at least something about Jahi McMath the little girl who went into cardiac arrest and then was declared brain dead after a tonsillectomy.  It's been all over the news outlets.  Apparently, last night CNN had a panel of experts on about the situation.  One of the experts was Dr. Drew who almost lost control when he was trying to try home the fact that dead is dead and no one has ever come back to life.  Let's not bring religion in here since that provides precious little wiggle room anyway. 

No matter how you look at it this case is heartbreaking.  This is a young life that still should have had dates, proms, babies and lots more living to do.  It's never easy when a life is lost but I think perhaps more so when it's a young life and there is so much potential.  Jahi had her tonsils taken out to help with her sleep apnea.  Same reason that Princess Bear (PB) did.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember that simple procedure cost PB 8 days in the hospital.  Nothing is ever routine when it comes to the hospital.  I wish people had a better grasp on that.  People go into cardiac arrest.  People stroke out.  People throw clots.  There is nothing ever routine. 

As a parent that has spent a fair amount of time in the hospital with my darling daughter I still cannot fathom how Jahi's family must feel.  I also cannot understand why the family is prolonging the inevitable here.  This is not a case where there is a chance this child could come out of a coma or something like that.  This is absolutely a case of the brain has ceased functioning and the body is slowing deteriorating.  I can understand the wanting a miracle but there has never been a case of a person that has been declared brain dead that has recovered.   If you want to see faith go watch a parent that has a child in the hospital.  You'll see faith like nothing you've ever seen before.  I know that Jahi's family has said that they are praying for a miracle.  I admire them for that.  I'm not even going to bring up the financial aspects of this case.  Not my place.  I just hope that someone talks to this family and offers them the appropriate counseling.  I'm sure if I was in there shoes I'd be devastated as well.  No parent should ever bury a child.  I've watched friends bury their child.  It's horrible and no one should have to do it.  While I can say I don't understand why Jahi's family is prolonging the inevitable I pray for this family during this horrendous time. 

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