Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A bit of this and that

Ok let me just say it and get it outta the way.....Baby it's cold outside!!!!!!!!!!!!  There isn't enough hot tea in the world to make this cold streak ok! Princess Bear (PB) was granted an extra day off from school since the local school district decided that sub zero temps were a bit too much to ask anyone to go out in.  So the teachers planning day that was set for Monday was bumped to Tuesday and school resumed today.  Christmas break is long enough for me to start dread sending her back to school.  As I mentioned in other posts I never imagined that I'd have a child in public schools, especially in this school district.  Unfortunately, parochial schools don't have a special education department so stuck we are.  I really keep on entertaining the idea of home school PB but I just don't think that's a great fit either.  I'm veering off here though!  Last night the school district called here at 5:40pm with a message asking that parents of bus riding students be proactive and go out and check to see if there was a safe place for their child to stand and wait for the bus.  Seriously?  You people didn't think of that until after 5pm?  Extra day off and all?  They also sent this email which is basically the same info: 

Jan 7 at 5:36 PM
School will resume for students at Peoria Public Schools tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8th with a full day of school. Local forecasts are calling for higher temperatures tomorrow morning, however at 7:00 a.m., temperatures are still expected to be in the single digits. In addition, with the snow received over the weekend, some students may not have a safe place to stand if the resident or business at that bus stop location has not made a snow removal effort. We encourage parents and guardians to be proactive today and visit the bus stop with your student to make sure there is a safe place to stand and the student is able to find a safe route to the stop. Also, please make sure students are dressed appropriately for the frigid temperatures tomorrow morning.

We look forward to seeing your student back at school tomorrow morning following our extended holiday break.

I'd like to say that the stupidity of this school district amazes me but it just doesn't anymore.  

I was also not looking forward to sending PB back to school because she has been somewhat "off" for the last week.  She's on a Prophylactic antibiotic for the next three months for some health issues the Dr is trying to nip in the bud.  I'm not  a huge fan of antibiotics but understand the need.  Even with the antibiotic PB has been running a low grade temp for several days, had glassy eyes and just seemed not ok.  She's also broken out in hives randomly several times this week.  She starting complaining of her side hurting Monday night.  It's been a fun week a tell you!  My mom spidey sense was tingling.  I called the Dr's office as soon as they opened today to be told that our pediatrician had no openings for the rest of this week.  I asked about our back up pediatrician.  Again nothing this week.  I was starting to get a bit pissy.  At this point after not sleeping for the better part of 3 weeks because of being on prednisone my being a bit pissy isn't a happy thing.  They tell me that they can get me into one of the nurse practitioners tomorrow.  Fine.  Not happy but running out of options here.  I get a call a few minutes later.  Dr. Tom as a cancellation at 12:15pm tomorrow.  Ok sounds good.  A call a few hours later.  Another cancellation.  We were at the Doctors office at 3pm with bells on.  I really wanted the Dr. to look at me and tell me that I was worrying too much.  I tend to do that.  I'll own it.  Instead he's sending PB for a renal sonogram and based on what that shows then more tests.  He's also worried about the joint pain she's experiencing.  We went to the rheumatologist over the summer and he seemed to think that PB did not have any inflammation issues going on.  He didn't do any blood work.  He just said that PB's spine is more curved than it should be and as to be monitored and that's why her back hurts.  He did put in her in PT.  The pediatrician is doing some general blood work and looking for inflammation.  My 10 year old shouldn't be in so much pain that she can't kneel during church.  Being the awesome Dr. that he is he hooked us up with emla cream for the blood work.  Emla cream is basically a numbing agent that you put on an hour before blood tests and there is not pain!  PB goes through stages of being completely ok with blood work to completely freaking out.  I figure it's just easier to apply emla and not have to worry about it.  

I will say that it was nice to have some serious time to myself today.  I did some online putzing around which is always fun.  I also had a ball adding some violet and fushcia color swatches into my hair. Ulta had Jerome Russell punky color buy one get one free right before Christmas.  It seemed to be calling my name.  I did violet and flamingo pink.  I'm not sure what I think of the violet.  It might be a bit too dark.  I'm completely in love with the flamingo pink.  When I opened the jar I wasn't too sure but it is pretty darn cool and is working for me!  

On the way to get PB from school today some little old lady decided to stop for a car literally more than 1 full block away.  Our subdivision is still in horrible shape as far as the roads go.  Although I was going between 10mph and 15mph there was little option other than hit her for go for a snowdrift.  Obviously I opted for the snowdrift.  It wasn't fun getting out of that let me tell you!  I really want something that has 4 wheel drive!  I loathe driving in the winter and this didn't help let me tell you!  

Now it's 11:15pm and the house in completely quiet.  This is beyond a rare occurrence.  I'm going to sign off and read.  Yoga Journal Magazine was delivered today and I have a Bella Andre junk romance book calling my name.  Which to delve into first?  Catch ya on the flip side!

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