Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

So did y'all have a nice night last night?  Did you go for quiet and peaceful or rowdy and rambuncious?  My New Years Eve didn't go exactly like I thought it would but it was more or less pleasant and I spent lots of time with my baby girl so it's all good!

I haven't even done a Christmas post yet (my phone was jacked and in the process of Verizon trying to fix it over 900 photos and videos were lost even though they were supposedly safe on the SD card.  I'll try to touch on Christmas soon.  New Years Eve was a slight repeat of Christmas Eve but with less people.  I was at the Dr's again because my lungs are still a hot mess.  Bring on the antibiotics and prednisone...AGAIN!  I then met my dad and Princess Bear (PB) at church because there was no way I was getting up early for mass tonight.  Holy day of obligation or not.  I'm not much of a morning person and I had a lovely bottle of wine on hold for last night.  Morning was just not happening.  My mom dropped my dad & PB off at mass since I was joining them.  No point in having 2 cars sitting there.  After mass we pull into the drive way and see that my mom is sitting in the living room with company.  We don't have company.  My parents are rather unsocial creatures and when they do want to visit they'd rather go out to dinner, a movie, a show....something out.  I realize the company is my dad's best friend's wife.  We'll call her Mrs. K.  For the most part no one in our family likes Mrs. K much.  She has a tendency to talk out her a$$ and tries to incite.  Don't get me wrong... I love a good debate.  I just hate people who spout garbage without any knowledge of backing it up.  The downside of not liking Mrs. K is that we adore my dad's best friend.  Jackson's been around for as long as I can remember.  He's a completely stand up guy.  He dotes on my daughter and is kind of like her fairy godfather.  For instance, tonight PB was being a real pickle about cleaning up, that tween attitude from hades.  I was ready to go nuts and my mom just threatened to throw away everything so there was no argument.  That's one way of doing it I guess.  PB without missing a beat says "I'll tell Jackson and he'll buy me new stuff" and he probably would!  SO, if we want Jackson around we have to deal with Mrs. K.  I sent a quick text to my sister asking her if she needed a babysitter and what was going on.  Unfortunately they were staying in.  She did get a good laugh since she really really really can't stand Mrs. K.  I was wondering if we were going to be dealing with Mrs. K by herself but Jackson did arrive.  Actually, PB sat Jackson down in our family room and made him watch a couple of episodes of Farm Kings with her.  I was laughing!  he's so good to her!

The problem with not having company often is that PB gets incredibly excited when we do have company.  She wanted to pull out all of her Christmas toys and show them and on and on and on.  It made for a very long evening.  I did decide that there wasn't enough wine in the world to make Mrs. K easy to deal with and I don't relish hangovers so that lovely bottle of wine is still just sitting there.  Mrs. K and Jackson left around 11pm.  PB went to sleep soon after and I had a text marathon going on with one of my best friends.  It was nice to actually do that without little people around.  Her youngest was born on December 31 so they were all partied out.

I must admit that I don't miss the New Years Eve's when my friends, brother and I would go out from bar to bar and get totally trashed with several hundred of our closest friends.  I'd rather have a quiet evening with a few people I like.  I guess last night was pretty close to that.  I'm thinking that next year PB and I should go out to NC to spend the 2nd half of her Christmas vacation with Mason and Little Wolf.  Little Wolf is getting so big that soon she's going to want to be going out with her friends all the time.

The quiet time last night did give me time to think about the upcoming year.  I never know whether I should embrace it with open arms, full of hope.  Something like this:

 photo 2014_zps73f4d6bc.jpg

or if I should get ready for battle and go in guns blazing.  Something like this:

 photo 996689_252824914881272_445623242_n_zps7cfacf5e.jpg

I suppose a wise woman would go for the middle ground.  I'm not always a wise woman but I think I'll try for that middle ground this year.  Here are some more great pics that I think are great ideas to ponder on as we enter a new year.

 photo 217017275763411357_OI73Amid_c_zps9ba670b6.jpg 
This really isn't a bad thing to ask yourself. If it doesn't serve some purpose and a positive one at that then do you really need to have it in your life. I adore Pink and this is one of my favorite quotes of hers. Those negative voices in our heads are our enemy. I'm going to try my best to give it very little credence in 2014.  photo 1456570_599256373484657_2046330108_n_zps8c39c848.jpg 

And a wonderful premise:
  photo 1545766_10151948094014247_1626240287_n_zpsb787a0dc.jpg

 And if you're one of those people that prescribes to the theory that what you send out into the Universe is what you get back like I am you'll understand. Mostly joking with some truth I'll take these things if they land on my doorstep!
  photo silo-home-1_zps2d7445f7.jpg 

How cool would it be to live in a silo house????? I'd love to live in a log home or an old farmhouse but if Mason is going to be along for the ride that might have to be modified a bit since those styles don't interest him in the slightest. So maybe this would float his boat. Also if destiny wanted to throw Ricki Hall my way for a day I'd be grinning from ear to ear. How about you?  photo RickiHallRandom1_zps9c1e1ef3.jpg  photo ricki-hall-11_zps1e463f2e.jpg  photo tumblr_mbv5h1N68y1rav82ao1_500_zps799cb3dd.jpg 

 I've also decided that by next December I want my hair to look something like this. I don't need much more in the length department but a perm and some color is needed. I've listened to my family freak out about my tendency to love what is not considered to be "normal" hair color. I've done my time as a blonde, as a redhead and my natural auburn. I think it's time for some fun!  photo 693986ad70a3bf2b732f402ed4c2523b_zpsf867fce8.jpg 

So, what about you? What are you hoping for in 2014? Are you glad to see 2013 leave or is there a sense of sadness about it? Did you do any New Years Resolutions? I did do some resolutions and I'm also doing a 2014 jar where you write down something about the day you want to remember. PB saying or doing something cute or wonderful. A quote that resonates and then you open the jar and read through all the pieces of paper on New Years Eve or Day. I'm also doing gratitude slips of paper in it. Three things that I'm grateful for everyday. I think it's a good way to keep a great perspective on life!

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