Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Monday

No really!  It was!  Ok....so it was a bit rough at the start of the day.  Princess Bear (PB) thought that waking up at 5:30am and turning on a bunch of lights, her music and getting down with her bad self was a great idea.  Yeah...I'm not a morning person so I will admit it was the not the best start to my day but it got much better.  PB returned to school today and did very well.  I was a bit worried because she was up late, didn't sleep very well (still coughing a lot) and then woke up at the butt crack of dawn!  After depositing her at school I came home made breakfast and attempted to watch an episode of Bones.  Ya know what?  You really shouldn't eat while watching that show!  I then dragged my self into a shower and got ready to run some errands before babysitting my youngest nephew. 

I got 3 of the 4 errands done that I wanted.  I didn't quite have enough time to make it to Walmart before my sisters so that was postponed until afterwards.  I made the mistake of entering Ulta (don't tell Mason! lol).  I am a junkie in need of a 12 step program.  I grabbed a couple of  the (relatively) new Urban Decay Naked lip glosses.  AWESOME!!!  The Too Faced Pink Chocolate lipstick, 2 OPI Brazil Earth Shades and a new Butter London nail polish happened to follow me home as well.  I just don't know how that happened!!!! 

I then spend an incredible couple of hours with Luke.  The family got to visit their new puppy at the breeders over the weekend (don't say anything.  I wish they would have adopted but my opinion doesn't count).  Lukie was all kinds of excited to tell me about the puppies.  The kid is a riot.  After lunch I was washing the dishes and he asked if I wanted to see Darth Maul.  I had brought some Star Wars stickers for him and though that was what he was talking about.  I should have registered the fact that he had just come out of the bathroom.  So I said sure and turned around.  There stood my nephew in his Darth Maul undies shaking his butt!  Good thing the kid is cute! 

St. Patricks Day is pretty much just another day for us.  Not a drop of Irish in this household so no real festivities taking place.  A lot of the time my mom will make corned beef and cabbage just to be sociable.  She makes incredible corned beef and cabbage!  Since she still isn't feeling well and we still had food left over from their deli run in Chicago the other day we had corned beef just not the type usually served on St. Paddy's!  At the deli they gave my mom several stickers that said "Knish me!  I'm OY-rish!"  LOVE IT! 

So that is the story here.  Hope you had a good one! 

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Susan said...

Hi Sarah, I have been told I am mean too by my grands. But then they get over it. I like to craft when I have time. I found you from Marge. Nice to meet you!