Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014...Everyone survived

Ack!  Holidays are always such a messy affair with my family that tends to bring out the worst in all of us.  Please know that I'm typing this knowing that the fault is as much mine as my sisters and my mothers.  I'm most definitely not trying to let myself off the hook here.  I do wonder why we keep on putting ourselves through the same ringer time and time again. There were also some lovely parts of it but I always feel like I need a few days to decompress and recoup.  We have a road trip to Chicago coming up in a few weeks & frankly I'd give just about anything to get out of it at this point. 

I tried to be more on top of things and have my ducks in a row to make things a bit easier.  I will admit that I'm a procrastinator to the greatest extent and then stay up late getting things done which never helps.  I'm tired and cranky and add some serious PMS and it's gloves off.  I did have almost all the "stuff" ready for Princess Bear's (PB) Easter egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny only puts money (mostly change although a few dollar bills slip in) and stickers in the eggs.  None of this candy crap because by the time my mom gets done she can open her own damn Fannie May!  So I had the stuff ready to go and just had to put it in the eggs and then hide them.  Go me.  Then there was the fact that the shirt she was wearing to Church and her Aunts house didn't dry well the first go round so it didn't even come out of the dryer until 1am.  At that point I had caught my second wind and stupidly stayed up watching Bones on Netflix until 3am.  Ugh!  Take away that pint I earned earlier!

PB woke up and was rearing to go at 7am.  I told her she could quietly hunt for her eggs.  She was cool with that.  I'm now having mom guilt that I more or less slept through that and took no pics.  She saw the Easter basket of gifts from me but decided to wait until after Church to open that.  Church was a lovely service and then it was homeward bound to get ready to go to my sisters house for brunch.  My mom was still trying to get my nephews and PB's Easter gifts together when we got home from Church.  I honestly don't remember making out nearly as well as the kids do now!  PB was thrilled with her gifts from me as well as her grandparents.  The best part was receiving her own copy of "Frozen". 

We got to my sisters and it was pretty much chaotic.  My sister is one of those drama mamas that doesn't chill and enjoy company.  In addition to my parents, PB & myself she also invited her brother in law and sister in law.  My sister is one of those people that if she says we're sitting down to eat at noon you damn well better be ready to put your a$$ in your seat at noon or else.  Her sister in law sent a text that they were running a few minutes late due to a diaper explosion.  Every parent gets that.  She was not going to wait for them.  It took a bit of convincing from my mom and brother in law to get that accomplished.  I just stayed out of that one. 

After brunch the kids were all sent to the playroom.  One of my nephews decided to go upstairs so PB being the oldest and therefore in charge went upstairs after him to shag his rear back downstairs.  This somehow lead to my daughter being in trouble.  Wait a minute.  You weren't paying any attention to what your child is up to so his cousin took it upon herself to get him back in the fold and she did something wrong?  Oh hell no!  At that point I was not happy (as in downright pissed and everyone knew it).  Then my sister went off on my nephews for bringing Legos into the family room.  From what I gathered they had previously decided that the family room would be lego free since the baby would be in there.  That is all well and good in theory.  The boys forgot and then received Legos for Easter that they wanted to play with and show off.  While I understand my sister wanting a safe place for the baby please understand that the baby isn't mobile and was never near the floor.  Consequently her ripping my nephews a new one seemed a bit extreme.  So that was strike 2.  Don't mess with my boys! 

The third strike was my mom having a fit that I let me 10 year old daughter get dessert without me holding her hand and she had a fit.  Really.  So after all kinds of little pissiness and squabbling I was ready to indulge in some wine, run away or having a serious Calgon take me away moment.  The Calgon moment won.

Mason knowing how my family is periodically sent texts asking if I was ok and not in jail.  While he means it in total jest I honestly would never be surprised if at the very least the cops were called.  Part of me understands this is just my family and that I shouldn't try to change something that is obviously never going to change.  Then there is the part of me that longs for the nice normal Hallmark family.  SO, that was our Easter.  I sure hope yours was much nicer!

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